Yes Or No: Would You Eat Beer Jelly?

Hey, obviously there’s something as beer jelly, which is specifically what it seems like: Gelatinous beer. It’s made by Potlicker Kitchen in Vermont, which is run by 2 previous excavators. They had some success with a glass of wine jelly (so, grape jelly however with that said added yeasty taste?) and also believed they’d transform their views to beer this year. It’s made similarly all jelly is – it’s made thick by pectin and also sugar.

I don’t recognize, male. Would you place beer jelly on your bread?

Source: InStyle


  • Beer type of preferences like bread (mmmm, yeast) and also might consequently boost the taste of a good-quality rye loaf
  • Beer is scrumptious by itself (depending, undoubtedly)
  • It’s made by 2 previous excavators


  • Yeah, sure, it’s beer, however it’s obtained the structure of jelly.
  • What could you perhaps placed it on besides a good-quality rye loaf?
  • It’s obtained the structure of jelly.

I intend I’ve consumed points that theoretically audio even worse than sweetened, jelly-textured beer (steak tartare enters your mind), and also Apricot Ale jelly seems like a quite dern excellent way to begin. What do you assume?

Original by Rebecca Vipond Brink

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