Why We Need To Stop Joking About Small Penises


I’m very a lot in favor of criticizing males. When a man mansplains, doesn’t do his share round the home, or is racist, homophobic, or typically illiberal of any marginalized group, I’ve zero downside with anybody verbally eviscerating him. Take that mothereffer down. I even wrote an article not too long ago by which I sympathized with the views in Pauline Harmange’s e-book, “I Hate Men.” I deeply associated to what she wrote about hating males as a social group, although not essentially as people. My default place with males is mistrust, as a result of it’s higher to be pleasantly shocked than repeatedly disillusioned.

And but there’s one criticism of males that I actually can’t stand. It’s a low-hanging fruit, so to talk, that folks simply seize for as essentially the most slicing insult they will hurl:

He will need to have a tiny penis.

Folks, please don’t do that.

First of all, it’s dehumanizing — and doubtless not for the individual at whom you’re aiming the insult. Especially if this insult is made on social media, different males, presumably completely great, feminist males who’re our allies and largest supporters however who possibly aren’t so enormous within the penis division. They see these insults, and it cuts them too. Trans males, who could already expertise dysphoria associated to their small penis or lack of a penis, may even see it and really feel invalidated as males. Intersex folks could really feel disgrace surrounding their genitals that don’t match heteronormative expectations.

I get the impulse to do that, consider me. Especially in these moments once I witness a person spewing all of the very worst features of poisonous masculinity. I wish to slice and cube that huge ego. I wish to make him really feel as tiny and insignificant as doable — not as a result of I believe anybody needs to be made to really feel small, however as a result of bringing that exact man’s disproportionately giant ego down a number of notches would place him on a extra lifelike wrung of the ego ladder. When folks speak concerning the inflated confidence of the mediocre white man, I think about this unearned confidence as a balloon that I want to pop with a needle. See how aggressively illiberal of males’s bullshit I’m?

And but you gained’t catch me commenting snarkily about anybody’s tiny penis. I’m not going to accuse the man down the road along with his silly jacked-up truck and Trump flags flapping within the wind of overcompensating for his tiny dick. The fact is, he’s only a self-absorbed, ignorant dumbass who was given the impression by too many individuals that everybody provides a fuck what he thinks. I couldn’t give a shit about his penis.

Insulting an individual’s physique components reduces their complete price to that half. And that may be a tremendous un-feminist factor to do. Women, of all folks, should know higher than to make use of an individual’s physique, or part of their physique, as an insult.

Joking a few man’s penis measurement as a method to reduce him down isn’t the final word clapback to poisonous masculinity you assume it’s. On the opposite, it contributes to it — it reinforces the false concept that measurement issues and that measurement correlates with masculinity.

Joking about penis measurement reinforces the concept that a penis is what makes a person a person. It reinforces the concept that a trans man who doesn’t have a penis is much less of a person. It reinforces the concept {that a} trans lady who has a penis isn’t a girl. It reinforces the concept that a person with a big penis is extra of a person. It reinforces the concept that a person with a small penis, or no penis in any respect, is much less of a person. All of those are concepts straight out of the poisonous masculinity playbook.

Also, it must be stated that a big penis additionally doesn’t make a person extra spectacular or fascinating to girls. Sorry, straight cis guys with huge dicks, however most girls don’t truly give a flying fuck concerning the measurement of your dick. Sure, there are girls on the market who will flat-out inform you they love a big penis, however the overwhelming majority of ladies don’t care one bit about penis measurement. Most girls can’t orgasm with penetration alone anyway. What they very a lot choose is a brilliant, delicate accomplice who pays consideration and simply typically cares about their pleasure. In phrases of intercourse, penis measurement is actually a non-issue.

An individual’s physique isn’t up on your judgment or criticism irrespective of how poorly they behave. Every time we hurl an insult primarily based on the a part of an individual we understand as flawed or less-than, we hurl that very same insult at each different one that has that very same “flaw.”

When males behave like egomaniacal, oblivious shitheads, completely name them out. Criticize their conduct. Criticize the apparent gaps of their considering, their entitlement, their overconfidence. But, relating to slicing folks all the way down to measurement, physique components — all physique components — should be taken off the chopping block.

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