Which Types Pair Best Romantically

So, you’ve taken your Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator. You’ve learn the corresponding Enneagram descriptions. Sure, you now really feel like you might have a greater understanding of who you might be and the way you view the world. But the entire thought behind these kind of persona exams is that they might additionally allow you to type higher relationships with these round you — and what you’d actually prefer to know is what your sort will imply on your romantic relationships. In different phrases, you’re right here for all of the deets on Enneagram compatibility.

Maybe you’ve already seemed into your Chinese zodiac compatibility, and also you’ve learn all about which Zodiac indicators go collectively greatest. You really feel as if your Enneagram sort captures you higher than these different persona typing exams, although, so that you’re hoping it should show helpful in your love life. According to the Enneagram Institute, studying about Enneagram compatibility will at the least provide you with additional perception into how your behaviors have an effect on these you select to convey into your world (and mattress).

So, maintain studying for an explainer on how the totally different Enneagram varieties might behave in romantic relationships.

What’s the Enneagram compatibility concept?

Here’s a disclaimer straight from the Enneagram Insitute about placing an excessive amount of inventory in compatibility exams: “No pairing of types is particularly blessed and no pairing is particularly doomed… Keep in mind that one can have a relationship with any type if the two people are healthy. Since this is not always the case, knowing the type, the level of health, and the instincts of each person can provide more insight.”

Basically, studying about Enneagram compatibility is extra of an train in understanding the forms of constructive and unfavourable points that might come up between differing kinds in a romantic context.

So… which Enneagram varieties are most appropriate?

It could also be greatest to consider Enneagram love matches not by way of most or least appropriate however by way of what pairs mostly match. In research achieved pertaining to Enneagram persona varieties in relationships, profitable relationships appeared to focus on the next traits.

Type 1s (The Reformer): Type 2s, Type 7s

Dedicated, perfectionistic Type 1s are drawn to caring and nurturing Type 2s as a result of they soften their exhausting edges.

Types 1s really share an Enneagram line with Type 7s, making this what is understood within the Enneagram world as a “complementary relationship.” Since Type 1s are typically hardworking and steadfast, they crave the companionship of the extra adventurous and carefree sort 7s.

Type 2s (The Helper): Type 3s, Type 8s

Type 2s are nurturing and giving — to a fault. They can lose themselves in relationships since they’re such people-pleasers. Driven Type 3s are likely to empower Type 2s to talk up for themselves, although. And, to their credit score, Type 2s assist Type 3s break the tunnel-vision they will have for work and achievements.

Type 8s complement Type 2s as a result of they’re super-confident, a trait that Type 2s can use extra of of their lives. In return, 2s present 8s that it’s OK to let your guard down.

Type 3s (The Achiever): Type 9s

Because Type 3s are so single-minded relating to success and the notion of others, they run the chance of not honoring their authenticity. Enter: Type 9s. The Peacemaker, a Type 9 will assist and settle for a Type 3 for who they’re — whereas additionally encouraging them to faucet right into a deeper nicely of self-awareness and vulnerability.

Type 4s (The Individualist): Type 5s, Type 9s

Type 4s will be intense, so it’s no shock they’re likewise drawn to intense characters. This explains why so many 4s match with 5s! Type 5s are cerebral and logical, although, so their model of intense serves as a pleasant foil to Type 4’s delicate, emotional depth.

As far as 4s and 9s go, Type 4s imbue Type 9s’ lives with a bit extra feeling and fervour. And mellow identified meets 4s want for a way of security.

Type 5s (The Investigator): Type 1s, Type 2s

If ever there was a consummate pupil of the Enneagram, Type 5 is it. Known because the Investigators, they’re always in search of out new data. But as a result of they’re so cerebral, they generally get an excessive amount of in their very own heads. When a Type 5 pairs with a Type 1, they’re matched in a number of methods. They’re each pushed and self-propelled. They each love the pursuit of extra info. But Type 1s are massive on intentionality, which serves as a great affect on 5s (who have a tendency to love their alone time).

Type 5 and Type 2 is a case of opposites attracting! The big-hearted, people-pleasing Type 2 pushes the impartial Type 5 to interact with others and lean into the comforts of domesticity. In return, Type 5s assist Type 2s be taught to be much less co-dependent.

Type 6s (The Loyalist), 7s (The Enthusiast), and 8s (The Challenger): Type 9s

If you’re a Type 9, you’re in all probability feeling fairly good about your love prospects proper now, eh? Peacemakers do, certainly, have a lot to supply in a relationship. For Type 6s, who will be anxious and suspicious, Type 9s supply a relaxed and soothing presence. The upbeat and exuberant Type 7 pairs equally nicely with the agreeable Type 9, with 7s bringing power to the connection whereas 9s stability it out with a mellow vibe. And the highly effective, self-confident, authoritative Type 8 can positively profit from the extra chill persona of the peacemaking Type 9.

Type 9s (The Peacemaker): Type 1s, Type 2s

While it’s clear that many alternative Enneagram varieties pair nicely with the Peacemaker, they gravitate towards Type 1s and Type 2s. Type 9s assist the perfectionistic Type 1 calm their interior critic, whereas formidable Type 1 pushes the Peacemaker to not develop complacent.

Type 2s and Type 9s will be fairly comparable of their lifestyle and love, as they’re each extremely agreeable. Their variations are what make them shine, although — 9s show to 2s that not everybody will reap the benefits of their generosity, and 2s encourage 9s to be extra proactive.

Can same-type pairings achieve success?

Sure! Again, simply because they’re much less widespread doesn’t imply they’re much less appropriate. Same-type Enneagram pairings will be very joyful if each events are extremely self-aware. One fascinating observe? While long-term relationships between these with the identical Enneagram sort statistically occur two occasions much less usually than different pairings, there may be an exception. Double Type 4 {couples} happen greater than the statistical norm would recommend.

Where can I be taught extra about Enneagram compatibility?

If you have an interest in doing greater than just a bit gentle studying, the Enneagram Institute has a complete breakdown of how every sort relates to one another in a romantic relationship. You can discover it right here.

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