What Your Ennagram Says About You

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Every few years, a brand new persona check surfaces that proves so correct it looks like magic. For what appeared just like the longest time, it was the Myers-Briggs check (or, to be extra particular, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator persona stock). But in the event you’ve been on social media in any respect in latest months, the posts you’ve seen floating round about persona varieties are all about your Enneagram kind. Now, your passive curiosity has turned energetic, and also you need to know extra concerning the Enneagram descriptions. You got here to the appropriate place.

First, just a little background information. Although it’s possible you’ll simply be listening to about it, the Enneagram Institute was created in 1997 by Don Richard Riso and Ross Hudson to assist supply perception into understanding ourselves and others. In order to find out your kind, you’d take the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI). Before you do this, preserve studying to be taught extra concerning the totally different Enneagram varieties that exist.

What are the 9 kinds of Enneagram?

Like different persona exams, the enneagram check is designed to establish and spotlight how an individual views and interprets the world round them. The thought is that when you could have a greater understanding of that perspective, you’ll be able to enhance your relationships with your self and with others. It deserves noting that whereas every individual solely has one Enneagram kind, you’ll discover that you’ve traits of others as nicely.

So, with that mentioned, listed below are the 9 varieties:

  • Type 1: The Reformer
  • Type 2: The Helper
  • Type 3: The Achiever
  • Type 4: The Individualist
  • Type 5: The Investigator
  • Type 6: The Loyalist
  • Type 7: The Enthusiast
  • Type 8: The Challenger
  • Type 9: The Peacemaker

What are the Enneagram descriptions?

Now that you understand the names of the differing types, let’s delve into every one.

Enneagram Types
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Type 1: The Reformer

The Reformer is rational, but idealistic. They are usually principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionistic. They’re the categories who love to hold round planners or bullet journals, throw their weight behind a very good trigger, and follow intentionality on the subject of spending time with family and friends.

Type 2: The Helper

The Helper is the caring, interpersonal kind. They are usually demonstrative, beneficiant, people-pleasing, and certain, just a little possessive. They need to assist out and nurture these round them and, subsequently, discover worth in being wanted. Their huge hearts make them extra delicate than a number of the different Enneagram varieties.

Type 3: The Achiever

Say hi there to the success-oriented, pragmatic kind! You’ll acknowledge an Achiever by their adaptive, excelling, and pushed nature. They need to be the most effective, which makes them barely image-conscious. However, they make up for it with allure and straightforward confidence — the cheerleader good friend, they usually encourage these round them.

Type 4: The Individualist

This kind is just about what it seems like: delicate, considerably withdrawn, dramatic (though they hate to listen to you say that!), and self-aware. However, they’re additionally extremely inventive beings identified for connecting emotionally and creating magnificence.

Type 5: The Investigator

At least one individual in your life in all probability springs to thoughts after we say the Investigator is an intense, cerebral kind. You know the type, proper? Heck, you could be the type! This kind relishes their alone time and is all the time on the seek for new data. This makes them inherently curious and revolutionary.

Type 6: The Loyalist

The Loyalist is dedicated, security-oriented, and accountable. They need to be secure and are drawn to the protection of acquainted and comfy issues. Accordingly, they are often each anxious and suspicious. But they’re additionally participating, caring, compassionate, and reliable.

Type 7: The Enthusiast

Yep, you guessed it — the Enthusiast is the lifetime of the celebration! They’re fun-loving busy-bodies who’re naturally spontaneous. Versatile, they’re the proverbial social butterfly, capable of adapt to many various conditions and social circles. They are constructive, joyful, optimistic, and filled with journey… however will also be distractible and scattered.

Type 8: The Challenger

Natural-born leaders, Challengers are highly effective, dominating varieties. On the plus aspect, they’re self-confident, decisive, empowering, loyal, trustworthy, and honorable. They get up for the folks and issues they imagine in, they usually all the time take the initiative in any given scenario. However, they do wish to be in management, which may make them willful and confrontational at instances.

Type 9: The Peacemaker

This one is fairly self-explanatory, proper? The Peacemaker is the easygoing, self-effacing kind. They are receptive, reassuring, agreeable, trusting, good-natured, non-judgmental, and an excellent listener. They take pleasure in being at dwelling, having stability, and providing recommendation to others. A possible downfall for this sort is that they will develop complacent.

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