What Type of Car Should You Buy Based On Your Style?

Other people might base their car-buying decisions on boring things like acceleration and functionality, but does their car really match their style profile? If you’ve ever seen a lumberjack type getting out of a Miata, you know exactly how off-putting it can be when someone’s style clashes with their ride.

In truth, cars that are produced today are much safer and user-friendly than they ever have been, so you can afford to factor things like style into your decision. It’s not like you’re going to end up in a death trap.

So to help you make your decision, we’ve separated five common styles of today and associated them with a car or cars that are well aligned. Find your style and find your next vehicle. However, before you head out and buy your desired vehicle, make sure you run a Car Veto check for finance, theft and export status

Vintage Style

These days, vintage style runs the gamut from looks from the 20s through the 70s, and every combination in-between. You’ll see retro 50s swimwear at the beaches and 90s styles on the streets. This is one trend that will never go out of style because it pays homage to the fashion of a bygone era. And after all, we can’t get where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been.

Cars for Vintage Style

The classic car for a person with vintage style is the Volkswagen Beetle. This model has all the modern-day advantages and safety features, but it also honors a vintage style. If you’re not a fan of the Beetle style, consider a MINI Cooper Hardtop. It has a bit more of an upgraded feel with a vintage vibe.

Bohemian style

Bohemian or Boho style is completely non-traditional. It can be artsy and makes use of extravagant patterns and varying textures to create a unique style. People who like bohemian style are often categorized as hippies.

Cars for Bohemian Style

You might imagine a hippie hopping out of a 70s-era VW Bug, but today, they are more apt to drive something like a Toyota Prius or Yaris. And good news for Bohemian types: There are rumors that the VW Bus is making a comeback – and it’s electric!

Chic style

Someone who has a chic style is on-trend and sophisticated. They are fashion-forward, but they also have a classic style. It’s a bit of a balancing act. You won’t find these styles on the runway exactly, but you may find elements of runway style in a modern chic outfit. This style is well-tailored and classy.

Cars for chic style

The best ride for a person with chic style are the affordable luxury models like the BMW 2 Seriesand Infinity Q50. Basically, any car from this list would be suitable.

Rugged style

Rugged style is also known as country or outdoorsy. This person doesn’t put a lot of effort into their appearance per se, but it’s the effortlessness that’s appealing. Blue jeans and button-up plaid shirts are the hallmark outfit for men and women with rugged style.

Cars for Rugged Style

Someone with a rugged style will probably choose a vehicle based on how it will be used. They may be interested in the 2018 Chevy Silverado for its towing capability. Or they may prefer a Jeep Wrangler for off-roading.

Preppy style

Preppy style is most commonly associated collegiate fashion. Preppy is what you think when you think about the stereotypical frat guy or girl from an 80s movie. It’s a lot of cable-knit sweaters over collared shirts and the like.

Cars for preppy style

People with money are often associated with a preppy style, but this style is far from flashy. As such, preppy drivers may be spotted in sensible high-end cars like the Volvo XC60 or a BMW 3 Series.

When it comes to buying a vehicle, you’ll want to choose one that has all the features on your list, but you don’t want to ignore style. A car is, after all, a fashion statement. It should make sense with your personal style too.

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