What To Do About Numb, Burning, Or Tingling Tongue

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This article has been medically reviewed by Howard Orel, MD. Board-certified and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Orel runs an lively basic pediatric apply, Advocare Marlton Pediatrics. He additionally serves as CEO of Advocare — one of many largest unbiased medical teams within the nation. 

The tongue is a surprise that comes with a treasure trove of enjoyable info. For instance, we owe our advanced and wealthy linguistic historical past to the evolution of this tiny organ, the tongue print is as distinctive because the fingerprint, and it’s the one muscle not related to bone at each ends. All this permits us to do cool issues like telling dad jokes, style scrumptious meals, and kiss a cherished one.

As with so many issues on the subject of our well being and wellness, it’s additionally in all probability one thing you don’t take into consideration till it begins feeling humorous and even damage. Your tongue would possibly really feel tingly, heavy, fuzzy, and dry — possibly you also have a burning sensation. Ouch, however don’t fear simply but. There’s a wide range of completely different explanation why it could really feel unusual and most of them might be innocent. If you’re curious as to why your tongue feels bizarre and doing every little thing however wagging, listed below are some causes behind the commonest signs, what to do about them, and when to see a health care provider.

Why does your tongue really feel heavy?

If your tongue feels heavy or sluggish, it is likely to be a results of dysarthria. Dysarthria happens when the muscular tissues you employ for speech are weak or you could have issue controlling them, and may trigger facial paralysis, tongue, or throat muscle weak point. Certain medicines could cause the situation. There are a number of different accompanying signs, corresponding to slurred or gradual speech, and issue shifting your tongue, that could possibly be an indication of dysarthria. If you could have any of those indicators, you must contact your physician instantly.

Your tongue may also really feel heavy if it’s swollen. A swollen tongue may result from a spread of issues, together with an infection, irritation, allergic reactions, and trauma. Potential infectious causes of a swollen tongue embody herpes simplex, a yeast an infection, and a strep an infection. Mild and severe allergic reactions, like an insect chunk or a drug and meals allergy, could cause a swollen tongue. Trauma and irritation can occur because of biting your tongue, consuming sizzling and spicy meals, or being irritated by dental tools, which can lead to a swollen tongue. If you recognize it’s the latter possibility, you possibly can wait a number of days whereas avoiding irritating meals (like spicy and laborious, crunchy objects) till the swelling goes down.

If you could have a swollen tongue because of allergic reactions or an an infection, contact your native practitioner and hint again when and the way you first developed your signs to obtain the most effective remedy.

Why does your tongue really feel dry?

Does your tongue really feel bizarre and dry? If so, your mouth is telling you that your whole physique is dehydrated. When you’re not hydrating correctly, your physique begins to preserve the fluid it has, which leads to decreased saliva manufacturing. This is why you possibly can have an unpleasantly dry tongue. The answer? Hydrate instantly and make sure you’re getting at the least six to eight cups of water per day (or verify along with your well being practitioner about the correct quantity of water it’s essential to drink each day). Seek a health care provider instantly in case your dry tongue is accompanied by vomiting, fever, and diarrhea.

If you recognize you’re hydrating correctly and also you’re nonetheless experiencing a dry tongue, some causes would possibly embody an infection, unwanted effects from remedy, chemotherapy, or hormonal modifications. If none of those apply to you, verify along with your physician.

What causes a bushy tongue?

A fuzzy, or bushy, feeling tongue might be triggered by a wide range of causes (and no, your tongue isn’t sprouting any hair!). Typically you expertise a fuzzy tongue as a result of the filiform papillae (FP) in your tongue aren’t shedding as typically as they need to. Like pores and skin cells, FP have a progress cycle that requires them to ultimately shed over time. If you’re experiencing a bushy tongue, the FP are rising taller slightly than shedding, and in consequence, would possibly appear to be hair — and feels downy. There are a wide range of explanation why your bushy tongue is likely to be occurring, together with extreme use of alcohol, overconsumption of tea and occasional, tobacco use, poor oral hygiene, dehydration, and use of sure medicines.

The excellent news is your fuzzy tongue is usually solely momentary, and normally isn’t an indication of a extra significant issue. Simply swap out your unhealthy habits, like smoking and overdrinking, and sustain a constant oral hygiene routine, together with brushing and flossing frequently. Decrease your tea and occasional consumption, and ask your physician if it’s okay to cease utilizing the drugs you observed is likely to be inflicting bushy tongue.

Can nervousness make my tongue really feel humorous?

Anxiety could make you are feeling a whole lot of bizarre sensations in your physique, together with your tongue. If you’re having an nervousness assault, otherwise you endure from power nervousness, you would possibly expertise numbness or a tingling sensation in your tongue. You would possibly even assume your tongue feels swollen. Anxiety doesn’t trigger the tongue to swell, nevertheless it does make you are feeling extra conscious of your physique, and in the course of an nervousness assault, these tongue signs can appear extra pronounced and regarding. As with different elements of the physique, stress modifications how the physique capabilities and your tongue is not any exception.

The answer? Find soothing and calming strategies, corresponding to deep respiration, to calm and restore your physique. If your nervousness signs don’t subside, contact your physician immediately.

Why does it really feel like I’ve a burning tongue?

If your tongue feels such as you burned it with piping sizzling pizza it is likely to be from burning mouth syndrome, (typically known as burning tongue syndrome). This can occur because of dietary deficiencies, a dry mouth, remedy results, or mouth irritation like consuming a piping sizzling pizza!).

Solutions? Ensure you’re correctly hydrated and be sure to’re consuming a well-balanced and nutritious food regimen. Talk to your physician in case you have unwanted effects because of medicines you take, and concentrate on your oral hygiene habits so that you’re taking excellent care of your mouth.

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