What is MNP Lookup and How It Works?

MNP makes it possible to keep the current phone number when switching to another provider. The service enables to get information about roaming. The process of transferring the number becomes easier as well. A user can manage the phone services continuing to receive mailouts and calls.

The lookup mobile number search service is a must for clearing the database of outdated information. The Mobile Number Portability Service allows you to reduce expenditure by providing you timely and precise data  about mobile number portability. It helps you to remove all invalid or deactivated mobile numbers from your number database.

This crucial information will substantially reduce all your hidden costs and boost the revenue by enabling you to make optimal routing decisions.

Correct information about the transferred numbers will be offered to business owners. MNP helps you ckeck mobile number database by eliminating invalid or deactivated mobile numbers. Trying this efficient service you will make only the right routing choices. Such data is suitable for SMS aggregators, a variety of institutions that take advantage of a bulk messaging, – such as ecommerces, banks, insurance companies, delivery services, and a lot of online services.

Why You Should Validate Mobile Numbers

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It’s extremely important for marketing campaigns to check the mobile numbers relevance on a regular basis using look up cell phone carrier by number. This makes it possible to send messages that will be read immediately after sending them to potential clients. Being delay-free is an important factor for automated mailouts. You can choose a preferable delivery time depending on user segmentation, with the messages being sent within the specified period of time.

Users will be able to keep their phone number and receive mailouts from companies they are interested in. When a potential clients switches to another provider, service suppliers face certain difficulties. If the company fails to find out the identification code of the transferred number, the errors in traffic routing will occur. And this is a money waster.

The key features of MNP are as follows:

  • great coverage all over the world
  • mobile number databases
  • redundancy and high  availability
  • significant traffic and routing improvement for bulk messaging and voice calls
  • useful mobile number portability gateways
  • real-time mobile network information
  • modern solution for mobile number validation

The MNP search service is necessary to identify subscribers’ network affiliation. This will promote correct configuration of the message routing. Thus, the marketing campaign cost will be reduced, with the messages being delivered much faster.

The Service Operation Principle

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This service operating principle is as follows. A request from a service provider is sent to the MNP GMS platform. It applies ENUM protocol, which makes it possible to transmit mobile numbers into domain ones.

In reply the service provider receives a database containing information about the country code, the mobile network of the provider and the phone number. This data is collected from external sources.

Using the portability of mobile numbers service makes it possible to avoid incorrect routing. Within a short period of time, the traffic will be redirected to a necessary network. Due to API, a huge number of requests can be processed per second (no less than a thousand). The company will promptly receive notifications about changes in mobile network operators of every client, and users won’t miss any forthcoming SMS mailouts.

How Can the Service Help You

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By using this modern and reliable service, you can signicantly reduce expenses that may arise when sending SMS messages to inactive or broken numbers or incorrectly specified operator. In case of mass mailouts, the amount of such expenses may be rather large. Therefore, you should check the information carefully before sending a message.

The MNP database makes it possible to identify phone numbers of subscribers who are considered to be your potential clients. Payment systems used by this service are aimed at identifying the account address for funds transferring.

By identifying the mobile provider servicing the number in question, you will be able to find out the following information:

  • who issued the user’s SIM card. You can identify the legal entity or the region the provider belongs to;
  • whether the number is currently in use;
  • whether the number was transferred to another company and who used to service it before the transfer.

The provider verification service makes it possible to reduce the advertising campaign costs significantly, as well as to increase mailout performance by delivering SMS to valid addresses only. All this data is  easily accessed through our cloud-based Mobile Number Lookup Service, which gives comprehensive coverage and accurate return values.


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Checking status of MNP is one of the easiest methods of identifying relevant phone numbers after switching to another provider. The advantages of using this service are as follows:

  • network coverage – the database contains more than 900 providers connected to GSM (second generation mobile networks, with an opportunity to deliver messages all over the globe);
  • by using the service, you can access multiple communication channels. This makes it possible to adapt your marketing campaign to the provider you’ve chosen;
  • sending messages using GSM ensures a high security level – its security standards are proven by ISO certificates.

Numerous brands use mobile phone carrier lookup to distribute information about their companies via SMS. Availability of relevant phone numbers is a step forward to promoting your products and services quickly. Clients will be able to receive well-timed information about the current promotions and proceed to the company’s website to make purchases at a discount.

To sum up

By using MNP information, a company can continue uninterrupted mailout to users even after they’ve switched to another provider. The old phone number remains relevant, but the message delivery principles change. Every service provider used its own codes.

All you need to do to be sure that the customers continue receiving messages confirming successful operations, current promotions and sales, registration and other actions on the company’s website, is to start using the product https://bsg.world/products/mnp-lookup/.

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