What is a Moonphase Watch and Why Should You Buy It?

Studying the phases of the moon is an age-long practice that has cascaded into modern horology in the form of a familiar wrist watch complication known as the moonphase. The ancient practice in timekeeping has found its feet in recent times because of the several boons it offers, all of which will be discussed in this article.

Eons ago, before the concept of clocks, the early man had to depend on the constellations as a guardian angel in observing the passing of time. It was much easier to figure out the length of day using the sun, and harder to measure longer spans. As humans began to understand the moon phases, he could measure longer periods too. Especially by tracking the moon cycle, humankind could formulate the first set of lunar calendars. A bit later watchmakers decided to track moon moments on wristwatches and eventually discovered a way to perform that. The invention of heavenly body reflection (moon phases) on watch til nowadays keeps us connected to the endless night sky.

In fact, the moon phase on wristwatches is now traditionally considered as a component of a perpetual calendar watch. Although today such watch functions can be considered as not necessary, the moonphase watches still keep captions of outstanding differentiation in the world of technology.

With time, there were successive sophistication in this timekeeping module. Such that the modern man had to incorporate this function in wristwatches.

Filippo Loreti brand wants to highlight its moonphase watches as classy and dress at a time wristwatches. As you’ll see in the Venice Moonphase Series, Filippo Loreti brand has rolled out beautiful and functional timepieces with the much-adored moonphase complication, arming us with the rare ability to document every passing moment.

Likewise, it isn’t enough to purchase such a watch without discovering its several functions.

What is a moonphase watch?

As depicted by the Venice Moonphase Series, it is a horologic representation of the phases of the moon on a defined aperture at the 6 o’clock mark. As the moon waxes and wanes, the aperture recreates its present state accordingly. Since it takes about 29.5 days for the moon to travel across the night sky, early horologists broke down the phases of the moon into four, each step accompanied by waxing and waning movements that are seen on the moonphase watch.

The four main phases that are displayed on the aperture include:

  • The new moon – The alignment of the moon and the sun such that the moon becomes invisible on the Earth.
  • The first quarter – The sun reflects on the right side of the Earth.
  • The full moon – The entire moon is visible.
  • The last quarter – The left side of the moon is visible.

Working principles

The moonphase complication follows a simple mechanism. It’s all about imitating the lunar cycle (approximately 29.53 days) with dual images of the moon represented by a 59-toothed gear (which advances one notch every 24 hours via a mechanical finger). Human error, of course, would mean that the complication loses its synchronization every two years. However, the Venice Moonphase Series operates on a 135-toothed gear, which prolongs accuracy for up to 122 years, creating a high chance that the timepiece is passed on as an heirloom within the household.

The Venice Moonphase Series Display

These watches have an artful and fascinating display. Since lunar watches employ the art of visual mimicry to display the phases of the moon, you should expect your Filippo Loreti Moonphase watch to display the current state of the moon. For instance, your watch will display a crescent moon to mimic the crescent on the horizon. You will find the moonphase aperture at the 6 o’clock mark, made with precision and accuracy, to prevent the need to adjust your watch often.

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Advantages of a moonphase watch

Indeed, models like the Venice Moonphase Emerald and Venice Moonphase Blue Gold, to mention a few, are aesthetically satisfying, functional, and stylish. The perfect selection for any occasion, such watches for men, and women are unique, trendsetting accessories that can revamp your wardrobe and overall appearance. Beyond this really, why are more people purchasing these watches?

  • Unique style – These watches are incredibly versatile and fashionable. The Venice Moonphase Series flaunts a number of them in an assortment of colors, materials, and styles, all with similar-looking dials. As each is custom-made to taste and preference, the Venice Series represents premium quality craftsmanship and understated luxury. Everyone can find a stylish timepiece according to taste preferences: from emerald green stainless steel with a leather strap to rose gold with a blue dial with a mesh strap, from stainless steel silver mesh model to cold black with a leather black strap model.
  • Italian design – On the back of the moonphase watches, you will find an intricate engraving of the St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, narrating the roots in the most subtle, yet sophisticated way. Inspired by outstanding Italian architecture and vision of lines, shades, and light.
  • Quality materials – Starting with the sapphire crystal to the stainless steel case and anti-reflective coating, the moonphase watches are reinforced to be water-resistant and scratch-proof to foster the longevity of each piece. Changeable straps will help to modify a watch depending on needs and mood: for summer better option will be models with a mesh strap and for winter period the best choice will be leather strap with different dials combinations.

The Venice Moonphase Collection corroborates the phrase ‘the moon in your pocket,’ featuring minimalist to sophisticated models whose budgets and styles will serve as a guide to selecting the most appropriate wrist candy.

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In summary

Everyone needs a moonphase watch. Who wouldn’t admire the several benefits and characteristics this complication has to offer? Especially the movement of the aperture, watch collectors and enthusiasts find the moonphase watches fascinating and appealing, and the Venice Moonphase Series is proof of that.

More about moonphase watches: https://shop.filippoloreti.com/collections/mens-venice-moonphase/

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