Westworld Game Accused of Stealing Fallout Shelter Code in Lawsuit

Bethesda is reportedly suing Warner Bros. over allegations that the developers of the Westworld mobile game is based on code stolen from Fallout Shelter

This information comes from TMZ who claim that they have received documents that confirm that Bethesda is not only suing for a share of the Westworld mobile game’s profits but have requested that Warner Bros. remove the recently released Westworld mobile game – it just launched for iOS and Android yesterday – from the market. 

You might think that this whole thing is just a simple matter of Bethesda being upset that someone released a pretty shameless rip-off of Fallout Shelter that features Westworld characters instead of assets from the Fallout universe. However, it seems that Behaviour Interactive (the studio that developed the Westworld mobile game) was previously contracted by Bethesda to work on Fallout Shelter. Bethesda believes that Behaviour essentially copied an pasted the code that they used for Fallout Shelter. 

That’s a serious allegation that goes well-beyond two games being relatively similar. If you’re wondering how Bethesda discovered that Behaviour used the same code for Westworld that they used on Fallout Shelter – besides the many, many gameplay and visual similarities between the two titles – it appears that Bethesda spotted several bugs in the Westworld game that were also present in the early code for Fallout Shelter. Anyone who has successfully copied their friend’s homework in the third grade is surely shaking their head in furious curiosity over how such an obvious mistake could be made. 

At this time, Warner Bros., Behaviour, and Bethesda have not issued official comments regarding this lawsuit. If it is proven that the Westworld game uses copied code, though, then the best that Warner and Behaviour can hope for is that the Westworld mobile game is simply pulled from digital marketplaces. 

We’ll bring you more information on this matter as it becomes available. 

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