We Should All Take A Cue From Lizzo And Practice More Self Love

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Grammy award profitable singer Lizzo has overtly shared her journey with physique picture and the physique positivity motion. You can discover movies throughout her social media specializing in self love and acceptance. And in an Instagram video posted earlier this month, Lizzo stands in her bra and panties going through the mirror and he or she speaks loving phrases on to her stomach. It’s the actual life instance of self love all of us want and we must always all observe Lizzo’s instance and love on our personal our bodies extra.

The video begins with Lizzo rubbing her physique whereas taking a deep breath. She provides it a loving jiggle as she says, “I love you so much. I love you so much. Thank you so much for keeping me happy, for keeping me alive. Thank you.” She blows a number of air kisses in the direction of her stomach earlier than persevering with, “May I continue to listen to you. You deserve all the space in the world to breathe; to expand and contract and give me life. I love you.” And then she transfers a kiss from her lips to her stomach, provides it one final loving jiggle and ends the video with one last shimmy in the direction of the digital camera.


The variety of those who felt the necessity to negatively remark and inform Lizzo that she had no proper to rejoice her “unhealthy” physique is astounding. And as you’ve gotten most likely already guessed, most of these feedback got here from males. But guess what — nobody has the correct to inform anybody how they’ll or can not rejoice their physique. So enable me a second to interrupt down why this mantra of self love is one thing it’s best to undertake into your each day routine. 

How usually do you stand in a mirror and inform your self, “I love you”? Probably not that usually. Society circumstances ladies to imagine that loving the pores and skin you’re in makes you too immodest or useless. But it’s by some means okay to face in a mirror and berate your self for not assembly the usual of magnificence that society celebrates. 

Just take into consideration how usually you’ve gotten seemed within the mirror and grabbed a physique half and known as your self disgusting. Or what number of instances have you ever prevented a mirror so that you don’t even must see your self. Probably extra instances than you want to admit. Because for some purpose it’s regular to level out all of the “wrongs” along with your physique. But is it so loopy to imagine that you ought to be spending far more time taking a look at your self with love moderately than disgust?

When was the final time you appreciated what your physique does versus the way it seems to be? It doesn’t matter what dimension you’re. Being alive is a purpose to be grateful and rejoice your personal existence. As a society, we’ve got change into so wrapped up in what our bodies ought to and shouldn’t appear to be that it’s simple to overlook the extra necessary factor is that you just exist.

Lizzo’s line, “May I continue to listen to you” is so necessary. Your physique is designed to speak its wants with you. It alerts you to let you already know you’re dehydrated, hungry, sleepy, careworn or in peril. When you shut these cues out and deprive your physique, it turns into tougher and tougher to “listen” to your physique. Eventually you change into so indifferent out of your physique that you’re now not able to figuring out your personal wants. Not solely does that not profit you, however it is usually dangerous to your total properly being.

Moreover, permitting your self area in life to increase and contract each figuratively and actually is so very essential. Your physique shouldn’t be meant to stay stagnant. It has expanded and contracted all through your whole life as you grew from a toddler to an grownup, skilled the ups and downs of life, maybe gave delivery to youngsters. Your thoughts, coronary heart and soul have completed the identical. And you deserve the area to permit that progress and alter to occur.

You need to be handled with love, and crucial person who love ought to come from is you. It gained’t essentially come simply since you are most likely additionally the individual that is hardest on your self. And you aren’t alone. Even Lizzo admits to battling this.

In the caption of the video Lizzo states, “I started talking to my belly this year. Blowing her kisses and showering her with praises. I used to want to cut my stomach off I hated it so much. But it’s literally ME. I am learning to radically love every part of myself. Even if it means talking to myself every morning. This is your sign to love on yourself today!”

So take this as permission to take the time to look your self within the mirror and love on your self. Come up with your personal mantra and say it to your self every day.

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