We Baby Bears: The We Bare Bears Spin-off Gets Magical

Even though We Bare Bears finished off its story with the movie that was released earlier this year, the story of Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear isn’t over. We’d heard about a We Bare Bears spin-off a year ago and now we’ve finally got our first word on the series.

The new series is titled We Baby Bears and will follow the Bears of the original series when they were younger. However, the bears will be going on different sorts of adventures then we saw in the flashback episodes of the original series. According to Animation Magazine, 

We Baby Bears features the Baby Bears on their search for a place they can settle down and fit into. Each episode transports them into vibrant and colorful worlds, where they befriend legions of familiar fairytale faces. During their nonstop crusade, they are faced with the decision to stay or to continue on their journey for a permanent abode they can call home.

The Bears will use their cardboard box to travel to these imaginative new worlds as well. The style of this series can be seen in the first poster for it, with an extremely magical look to it.

We don’t want to read too much into it but… that star looks pretty similar to Steven’s star from Steven Universe. Just something to think about!

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