WandaVision: The Mystery of the Aerospace Engineer

Reed Richards

“What I need is a 10,000 pound fallout shelter comprised of led for photons, cadmium for neutrons, tantalum for seismic blasts…on wheels” Monica says.

In different phrases, she’s on the lookout for one thing that’s closely radiation shielded and stress examined. The type of materials and car that would, for instance, stand up to a barrage of cosmic rays in area. Monica is making an attempt to keep away from absorbing huge quantities of CMBR by heading again into “the Maximoff Anomaly.” You could notice that the Fantastic Four gained their powers by…okay, by NOT correctly shielding their spacecraft from cosmic radiation, however you get the purpose.

At this level, wanting probably varied members of the X-Men (and no, Evan Peters’ cameo because the Fox X-Men universe’s Quicksilver on this episode doesn’t even rely in the direction of that), it’s exhausting to think about that any characters’ arrivals are extra anticipated within the MCU than that of the Fantastic Four. The FF have by no means had film to their title, and the legendarily low-budget Roger Corman-produced one stays (I child you not) the perfect of the bunch. If anybody can lastly get Marvel’s first household proper, it’s Kevin Feige and mates.

Anyway, that was a moderately good distance of claiming that we’ll bounce at any likelihood to level on the display and say “they’re talking about the Fantastic Four!” Episode 4 had sufficient little hints to make us imagine that SWORD will find yourself being the origin level for the MCU Fantastic Four, some extent that we wrote extra about intimately right here. This line from Monica solely provides to our enthusiasm.

Victor Von Doom

But if it’s not Reed, what if it’s another person who’s Fantastic Four adjoining? Perhaps at this level in MCU historical past, Victor Von Doom remains to be a hard-working scientist and engineer, one who hasn’t but realized his future as an armored sorcerer/dictator of a small Eastern European nation/all-around-pain-in-the-ass with mommy points. Maybe a failure right here in Westview is without doubt one of the issues that drives him over the sting.

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