WandaVision Represents the MCU’s Evolving Relationship with Death

At least viewers might consolation themselves with the likelihood that Vision’s lifeless physique was merely one other figment of Wanda’s creativeness. It’s not like a Disney+ TV present would enable its heroine to grow to be a grave robber and haul the corpse of her lover round like a grotesque marionette doll. Well about that…this week’s episode 5 reveals that that’s precisely what Wanda did. Despite The Vision’s dwelling will stating he doesn’t wish to be reanimated, Wanda breaks right into a SWORD facility and steals his mechanical bones. 

Nothing ever really ends on this planet of comics. And even probably the most steadfast guidelines about whose dying “sticks” are made to be damaged (paging Bucky Barnes). It’s very a lot the identical within the MCU as effectively (paging Bucky Barnes as soon as once more…and Loki and Gamora and Groot). Not even The Vision’s dying from Infinity War took, as right here he’s reanimated as soon as once more. 

Still, there’s one thing in regards to the terrifying starkness of Vision’s true lifeless kind that makes this all really feel totally different. With this week’s reveal, and the occasions of the episode itself, Marvel has revealed that it’s prepared to alter its perspective on dying. WandaVision is about quite a lot of issues: sitcoms, trauma, Kathryn Hahn’s leg-warmers. What the present could be attempting to speak most powerfully, nonetheless, is simply how tough it’s to simply accept the finality of dying.

Each of WandaVision’s 5 episodes to date has taken its identify from a preferred phrase or idea within the TV canon like “Don’t Touch That Dial” or “We Interrupt This Program.” Episode 5’s title is not any totally different. “On a Very Special Episode…” refers to a classic TV phenomenon through which “special” episodes of sitcoms would obtain a light-weight, spoken disclaimer earlier than airing like “And now, on a very special episode of xxx.” “Special” episodes would regularly contact on tough matters like drug use, little one abuse, or…dying.

“On a Very Special Episode…” may be very a lot WandaVision’s personal very particular episode. So a lot of what happens inside these 41 minutes (effectively, 36 earlier than its sometimes hilariously lengthy closing credit) revolve across the idea of dying and Wanda’s lack of ability to course of it. The “A” plot offers with Wanda and Vision’s youngsters, Tommy and Billy, rising as much as age 10 in order that they’re allowed to maintain and lift their canine named Sparky. 

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