WandaVision Funko Pops Fuel Speculation

Pop Vinyl is releasing some WandaVision Funko Pops and whereas there are a couple of black-and-white ones on the way in which, there are additionally a handful based mostly on the Halloween costumes from the sixth episode. That contains Quicksilver, besides there’s one thing screwy with the field.

He’s “Pietro Maximoff.” The quotes are a part of the label. In different phrases, he’s not actually Pietro. Not actually.

So who’s he? WHAT is he?

No matter how a lot Director Hayward, Monica Rambeau, and even Vision have insisted that every part is Wanda’s doing, there’s at all times been this sense that one thing malevolent has been lurking within the background of this sequence. It will not be forcing her to do what she’s doing, however it’s actually egging her on and reaping the rewards.

Wanda admittedly doesn’t know the way this all began. She was able to overtly query this actuality to Vision up till she grew to become pregnant and abruptly grew to become overprotective of her new life. There are sure components of the truth that even she will’t management together with her powers, such because the stork and her crying kids.

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