WandaVision Episode 5 Trailer, Release Date, and Details

For these of us wanting some storytelling readability, WandaVision’s fourth episode arrived with good tidings. Thanks to the tireless work of Monica Rambeau, Dr. Darcy Lewis, and Agent Jimmy Woo, we now know that Wanda Maximoff’s TV sitcom world is a comfortable jail of her personal making.

What will WandaVision episode 5 do with this info? Thankfully, Marvel and Disney+ have launched an uncommonly revealing teaser to provide us some concepts. Give it a watch under.

There is actually a lot to unpack right here. SWORD now has first individual intel inside what they’re calling the “Westview Anomaly” due to the return of Monica Rambeau. After the clip pauses to share Darcy’s episode 4 idea that it is a sitcom (you’re appropriate, Darcy!), we get some extra tantalizing glimpses into Wanda and Vision’s four-camera world. 

“Life moves fast out in the suburbs,” Wanda says as we see a Roseanne-ified model of her hoisting up a laundry basket. Wanda and Vision share a really ‘70s bike ride and then Vis heads down a neighborhood road in a distinctive Vision comic Halloween costume. Through it all, the Westview residents’ sense of unease continues. “Should we take it from the top?” Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) desires to know after a presumably flubbed line. 

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