Vision's not useless and Winterfell's lack of Starks: The week's craziest fan theories

No matter what collection they’re into, followers are inclined to have two traits in widespread: they’re extraordinarily artistic and never particularly affected person. Perhaps that is why there are such a lot of fan theories, as a result of followers can not help however attempt to predict what’ll occur in Avengers: Endgame or clarify away some obscure Game of Thrones thriller within the agonizing await the ultimate season. Sometimes these theories are proper on, however for each “R + L = J” there are tons of of very, very fallacious fan theories.

That’s high quality! It’s nice that followers are being artistic with their favourite collection. But we’re much less cool with web sites cynically utilizing these theories to get your clicks. And so when that occurs, SYFY WIRE to debunk these loopy fan theories. We’re not digging into subreddits to search out outlandish theories to dunk on, we’re simply trying to see which information websites irresponsibly needed to take you for a trip. This was truly not a horrible week for bogus fan theories, because the offenders aren’t wildly, irresponsibly fallacious a lot as they’re simply misguided. Anyway, right here we go.

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