Virginity Is A Social Construct — But What Does That Mean?


Labeling one thing as a social assemble, in a manner, is bizarre. It can sound as if we’re making an attempt to invalidate, and even erase the existence of, the factor we declare is a social assemble. That’s not the case although. Gender, for instance, is a social assemble, however it’s nonetheless actual within the sense that many individuals take into account their gender identification and gender expression essential components of how they current themselves to the world and how they see themselves.

Money can also be a social assemble, however figuring out it as such is to not declare it doesn’t exist or is a lie. It does exist. It’s a social contract all of us comply with with a view to facilitate the change of products and providers.

Social constructs are concepts that form our understanding of the world. They additionally affect our pondering and habits.

Virginity As A Social Construct

Virginity is a social assemble. It isn’t one thing you possibly can maintain in your hand or see, however it’s one thing we as a tradition have determined exists. It’s a software we use to mark “before” and “after.” More ominously, it’s a software we use to charge the chastity of ladies and the expertise of boys. A pre-intercourse lady is pure. A pre-intercourse boy is inexperienced. A post-intercourse lady is defiled, impure, unfastened, immoral. A post-intercourse boy is skilled.

Some cultures and communities place a lot significance within the concept of virginity that they conduct “virginity testing.” This apply is condemned by the World Health Organization as a violation of an individual’s human rights. It is typically executed utilizing the “two finger” methodology of testing a lady’s vaginal opening to find out if her hymen remains to be “intact.” It can also be frequent to verify for blood on the sheets after intercourse — blood means she was a virgin earlier than intercourse. No blood means she was not a virgin. In some locations, it might be seen as proof she has defrauded her husband and could also be subjected to punishment and even demise.

It’s clearly unsuitable to evaluate an individual’s worth as a human being based mostly on whether or not or not they’ve had earlier sexual companions. But there additionally isn’t truly any scientifically dependable strategy to take a look at an individual’s virginity. Despite the persistence of the parable of the hymen being a sexual snitch, it simply … isn’t. And science has identified this for many years.

Popping Some Hymen Myths

Many individuals nonetheless consider the hymen as a membrane that stretches fully throughout the vaginal opening, protecting it like a drum. But the hymens is just remnant tissue left over from prenatal improvement, and it’s much more prone to be crescent- or ring-shaped than to cowl the complete vaginal opening. Some vaginas have virtually no hymen in any respect. (Don’t individuals who consider the “drum” idea surprise how interval blood exits the physique previous to intercourse?) The hymen could tear throughout first intercourse; it might not. If correctly lubricated, odds are larger the hymen is not going to tear.

The delusion in regards to the hymen being an indicator of virginity is dangerous sufficient; the parable that it have to be damaged or “popped” with a view to “take” virginity solely provides to the issue. It implies violence. The reality is, the hymen can lubricate and stretch. It doesn’t should tear the primary time, or any time. Also true is that each one types of non-sexual actions can contribute to the tearing of the hymen, from train to the inserting of a tampon to utilizing one’s personal fingers throughout masturbation.

Misunderstanding about what the hymen truly is has prompted some individuals to adapt their language about it. For instance, the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) has been utilizing the time period “vaginal corona” rather than “hymen.”

The Concept Of Virginity As A Tool Of The Patriarchy

Virginity is a software used to dominate and management feminine habits. It’s a software used to disgrace, and to advertise the concept girls are answerable for the habits of males. If a lady isn’t a virgin at marriage, certainly it’s as a result of she “tempted” a person. Her “impurity” is a results of her immorality. And we body virginity in a different way for boys and for women. The virginity of males usually isn’t even addressed except it’s by way of his expertise, which is seen as both a impartial or a constructive.

In a world the place males are typically given a free move and girls are locked down and oppressed, the onus of respectability in some way continues to fall on girls. The cultural concept of virginity has the paradoxical impact of turning girls into priceless jewels to be cherished whereas additionally threatening them with the concept one unsuitable transfer can flip them into nugatory trash. The “priceless jewel” bit is conditional. Cherishability is conditional.

Like the rose that will get handed across the room of youngsters in conservative Christian “True Love Waits” abstinence campaigns, women are seen as wilted and broken as soon as they’ve had “too many” palms on them.

The Concept Of Virginity Is Heteronormative And Harms Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Generally, we body virginity in a heteronormative, penis-penetrates vagina form of manner. This leaves queer of us out of the assemble altogether. (Actually, as a queer individual, I’m unsure I thoughts being ignored of heteronormative social constructs. Ew.)

But the reality is, intercourse is many various acts, some penetrative and a few not. Framing “virginity” across the act of penetration — particularly vaginal penetration — doesn’t work. It merely isn’t correct.

For those that have been sexually abused, the idea of virginity actually provides insult to damage. Sexual abuse usually entails penetrative intercourse. I used to be sexually abused at age seven however didn’t have consensual sexual activity till fairly a number of years later. At which level was my virginity “lost”? Was I robbed of it at seven?

Having Sex For The First Time Is Not A “Loss”

Virginity is a social assemble, however that doesn’t make it much less actual. It’s actual as a result of we consider it’s actual, in the identical manner we generate profits actual by shopping for into the notion that it has worth. But with virginity, we’ve got the ability collectively and as people to outline it for ourselves.

One factor consensual intercourse isn’t is a loss. The language round first-time intercourse is inherently unfavorable and shame-inducing. But individuals with vaginas don’t “give” somebody their virginity. We don’t “lose” our virginity, and it can’t be “taken.” We don’t lose any a part of us by consensually participating in some of the pure human experiences, and nobody can take any piece of us by pressure or coercion.

An individual’s consensual first time sexual expertise could be momentous and particular, or it may be blah and forgettable. It could be gross, or it may be awkward and embarrassing. Society doesn’t get to dictate how an individual ought to really feel about their first time. Society doesn’t get to imbue that have with a predetermined which means. Our virginity is ours and ours alone to outline, to interpret, and even to reject altogether.

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