Using Technology to Choose the Right Cosmetics for You

Can mathematics, data science, algorithms, and new technologies be connected to beauty, cosmetics, or make-up – and how? The answer is YES! In recent years, technology has advanced greatly – especially in the field of artificial intelligence. Therefore, today it is no longer strange that more advanced software can be used in the beauty industry to better services its customers. How does it look in practice? Can you choose the right cosmetics with the help of new tech and apps? Yes, you can. Learn more about these awesome tech advancements in the beauty industry below.

The Concept of Beauty Today

In today’s world, any wrinkles, pores, or blemishes on our face can be corrected with good makeup or skincare products. Through much trial and error, consumers often spend many dozens of hours and hundreds to thousands of dollars wasted on buying bad beauty products that are just not very useful for their unique skin needs. This has been the case for years and still happens for millions of shoppers in today’s world too.

Artificial Intelligence & Cosmetics

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Technology has advanced so much in the last two decades in that artificial intelligence has completely changed the way we think and work in modern times.

The impact of AI on delivering better customer service has become almost inevitable in order to meet customer demands. AI not only provides complete automation in production, but today also allows us to personalize services for which human intelligence and interaction was once used. Can you imagine yourself with a different hairstyle or hair color? Can you try a different make-up or see what your face would look like without dark circles under eyes?

Today, this is possible with the help of new tech apps and overlays using your phone & camera to augment reality so shoppers can see firsthand (without making a bad purchase) what a certain makeup would look like on their face. These new technologies help shoppers make better purchasing decisions and strengthen their loyalty toward brands that provide this amazing customer service.

Choosing the Right Cosmetics for You with The Help of Technology

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As we said at the beginning – math, data science, algorithms, and beauty have something in common. These are modern apps and software that help us in cosmetics today. With their help, you can be sure that you will find the right product for you – or you will find the perfect way to highlight your eyes with makeup or find the hair color that best suits your complexion. Science and beauty can still go hand in hand, right? Here are just some of the latest developments in the cosmetics and beauty industry.

Using Mira’s Beauty AI to Choose the Right Makeup for You

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When we talk about makeup – the eyes are the ones that everyone notices first. However, we often make mistakes when it comes to highlighting the color or the eyes contour makeup. Therefore, sometimes we need to understand what we are doing wrong. Modern apps like Mira help shoppers choose the right makeup with ease.

According to Mira Beauty, their technology will make a highly detailed sketch of our eye and structural differences from all others. Something like facial recognition software. Then, by your personal makeup or skincare needs, you will receive an adequate recommendation – both for eye makeup, skincare products, and for the use of other cosmetics. This comprehensive and universal beauty catalogue hosts tens of thousands of beauty products from thousands of top tier beauty brands while using advanced machine learning technologies to present you with makeup, skincare, and beauty products that are best for you personally.

ModiFace Skin AI

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How many times have you ladies wondered how a particular cosmetic product you buy will look on you? Will you be disappointed with new powder, foundation or lipstick after you have already paid dearly for it? Fortunately, the modern ModiFace Skin app will help you a lot to prevent every possible mistake. This modern technology will show you in real-time how a certain product will affect you or what it can do for your skin, a more beautiful complexion, wrinkle reduction – and your overall appearance.

This technology was developed with the help of a group of dermatologists and can detect even the slightest changes in your skin. Today, this technology can also be used in the form of a mobile application – which makes it much easier to visualize the condition of your skin after using one of the cosmetic products. Today, this technology is used in the apps of some of the largest cosmetics manufacturers such as L’Oreal and many others.

The Future of Technology in The World of Cosmetics

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We can say that the future of advanced technologies in the cosmetics industry will continue to grow. From the emergence of new apps that are in widespread use within beauty salons to web & mobile applications that helps consumers with skin issues ranging from acne, dark spots, and rosacea to makeup that is in line with the proportions of our face, to choosing an organic facial cream for our skin type.

The fact is that modern women shoppers prefer a personalized approach to everything – especially when it comes to buying cosmetics. Therefore, we believe that such “smart” technologies will have an even greater impact in the future of the beauty industry. Especially concerning the positive experiences of customers in the retail purchase space of cosmetic products online.

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