Top 6 Things You Need To Know When Traveling With A Drone


Once you master how to fly a drone and have explored every corner of your locality, you will start feeling you need to travel to other countries and locations so that you can shoot more exotic locales. This is just a natural part of the growth of a drone videographer. Now, what you have to understand is that traveling with your drone comes with its own set of challenges, just as it offers newer and exciting opportunities. And in this post, we look at the six things you definitely should know before deciding to travel with your drone.

1, Know And Respect Drone Laws

Different countries will have different drone laws when it comes to using drones on their land. Some will allow you to fly over crowds, while some won’t. Some countries will have restrictions on flying over certain national monuments. Some places will also have strict rules that stipulate the time period when a drone is not allowed to fly in public. Given such large number and variety of laws, it is sensible that you try and learn which laws apply to which countries. If you are caught breaking any local law of a nation, you won’t be able to wean yourself out of it by claiming ignorance of the law.

  1. Watt Hour Limit

One big issue you will face when traveling with your drone is in regards to the battery. As per the travel rules in the USA, a person is allowed to carry as many batteries as they want, provided the watt-hours of the batteries are below 100Wh. If the watt-hour is between 101Wh and 160Wh, then a person can carry two batteries at maximum. So, make sure that you check the watt-hour of the drone batteries so that you only carry the required number or watt-hours as stipulated by the laws. Other nations may have different standards as to the watt-hour permitted or the number of batteries you are allowed to carry. As such, check with the airlines about the issue.

  1. Wildlife

If you are visiting any wildlife location in other countries, take special care to ensure that you don’t end up hurting any animal or damaging their habitat in any way. This is especially true if the animal has been classified as rare or endangered. You may even have to face jail time in such situations. And in some cases, even going near any of the endangered species or their habitat should be enough to make the local authorities nab you. As such, it is advisable that you find a local wildlife guide when you wish to capture exotic animals on your drone videos. And if you need references on how to shoot wildlife, landscapes, and so on, check out

  1. Repair Tools

If your drone were to malfunction in your home, then you should be able to quickly repair it with the available tools. But things get different when you travel abroad. The repair tools available abroad might be different than the one you are used to. And this can cause unnecessary difficulties in case the drone starts malfunctioning. And in worst case scenarios, you might not even find the appropriate tool to repair your drone when shooting in other countries. As such, you should always carry your regular repair tools no matter which country you travel to.

  1. Develop Rapport With Airport Security

One big problem you might face is with the airport security. They generally tend to act in a strict manner and will check through all your drone and accessories thoroughly. Whenever you are questioned by the security, be direct and honest and provide all the information they are looking for. Never ever talk in a manner that might lead you to believe that you are hiding something. Instead, be relaxed and develop a good rapport with the security. This will allow you to get through the security as quickly as possible without any delays.

  1. Carry-On Item

Sometimes, you may have the option to carry the drone with you on the plane. If such an opportunity were to come, then it is better that you use it. Having the drone by your side is far safer for it than letting the machine remain with rest of the luggage and risk damage. But be sure to inquire about this with the necessary authorities. Only when you get their confirmation should you take the drone together with you on the plane.

Keep the above-mentioned points in your mind when you travel with your drone, and you will have a great time taking drone videos in foreign lands without facing any problems.




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