Top 10 Rally Radios to Get in 2020

Communication is one of the most important things in life, and thanks to technology, people nowadays can communicate in situations where it would otherwise be impossible without those gadgets.

Imagine a pilot flying a plane without the ability to speak to the person working at flight control, or a police officer on a chase mission who’s not able to talk with the rest of the patrol. That would be a perfect setup for a disaster, and that’s not what we all want.

Rallies are something that people love to watch, especially when they are at the real event, not in front of their TV screens.

We pretty much all agree that you can have a lot of fun and excitement at a rally, but you should also know what the professional drivers and the teams behind them are up to as well. Just like we said, communication is very important, and these people manage to pull it off with special devices called rally radios, which is exactly what we are here to talk about today.

If you are currently in the need of a rally radio, or you are just curious to learn some more about them, why not stick around with us until the end? Here’s what you need to know.

Rally Radios – Use and Purpose

Source: Talkie Spy

You are probably wondering why these teams cannot use a regular smartphone to communicate, and that’s perfectly understandable. Although the most convenient way would be to use a device that everybody owns these days, which is a regular cellphone, things are not as simple as they look like.

We all know that cars at rallies move at a very, very high speed, and the drivers in them often go a very long distance from the person that they’re trying to communicate with. Although this shouldn’t be a problem at all for modern networks and devices, combine this with thousands of people using smartphones at the location and the fact that the weather conditions are not always perfect, and you have the right scenario for losing the communication signal.

A driver needs to communicate with the rest of the team in case they need a repair, a break or if something went wrong, which is quite possible in a sport like this, so they cannot afford the risk of being left without any communication. This is why they use professional rally radios with two-way communication, great sound isolation and comfortable design that’s not irritating to wear.

Let’s take a look at the following products that you can purchase in 2020.

1. Motorola TLKR T92 – Two Way

Source: eBay

Motorola is a very reputable brand when it comes to radios, talkie-walkies, and even mobile phones, but they are truly outstanding when it comes to manufacturing these professional two-way rally radios. The design of the TLKR T92 is pretty good looking, it is compact and according to the product description, it is waterproof. The core part of this device can float, so if you want to take it on a water adventure, you don’t have to worry about it sinking in case you drop it. These things can be purchased in a two-pack, four-pack, six-pack and so on up to a twelve-pack if you need to gear up an entire crew. A great place to find some more products is

2. Baofeng UV-5R – Two Way

Source: AliExpress

Baofeng is a brand that makes cheap but quality devices for very affordable prices. You can get the UV-5R model for under forty bucks. It comes in many different colors and with tons of different functions. It has over 128 channels and a rechargeable battery, along with a quality battery charge and an emergency alarm.

3. Cobra AM 1035 12km

Source: TECHNIKdirekt

A brand that is considered to be an underdog, but with a few very cutting-edge devices in the past couple of years. The AM1035 two-way radio device is the perfect choice for a rally racer, simply because it can cover a huge distance and it is waterproof, with a voice-activation technology, meaning that you don’t need to use your hands when you want to speak.

4. Binatone Terrain 850

Source: LiGo Electronics

The design is not the best one that you can find on the market, but this doesn’t mean that it lacks in the functionality field as well. The Binatone Terrain 850 is probably the most durable and long-lasting device that you can find on the market. It is very affordable as well, with the twelve-pack costing just three hundred dollars.

5. Cobra MicroTalk MT975 – Two Way

Source: Amazon

A very functional device with a great design, long-lasting battery life, and an affordable price. It can function on a distance up to twelve kilometers, meaning that it is a great choice for racers who must keep their distance.

6. Motorola TALKABOUT T42

Source: Вольта

A very cheap and good-looking radio that you can get in almost every store of this type, due to the popularity of the model itself. The T42 is a wonderful two-way radio that can serve you for a long time, but the only downside is that the maximum distance is just four kilometers, which might not be enough for some jobs.

7. Cobra AM645 TWIN

Source: LiGo Electronics

Cheap, great looking and with long-lasting battery life, automatic voice activation technology, and a waterproof design. What more can you ask for? Oh, and we forgot to mention that the distance is about eight kilometers, which is not that great but not bad as well, considering the price.

8. Motorola TALKABOUT T62 TWIN

Source: LiGo Electronics

This is a great two-way radio that comes in blue color, and they have some pretty amazing features, such as the no-hands technology and an LCD backlit display that allows you to use at night without any issues. The rage is up to eight kilometers, and the price is just ninety dollars for the quad pack. Of course, it’s twice less for the double pack.

9. Retevis RT21 Two-Way

Source: AliExpress

The perfect walkie talkie for those who want to communicate over a great distance, and to do it discretely with a well-designed earpiece that is very discrete. The RT21 is durable, and it has voice activation technology. The price is not very competitive, but if you want quality, normally, you pay a bit more than usual.

10. Ansoko Long Range – Two Way

Source: Amazon

The only downside that we have for this device is the fact that it is not waterproof, but for a rally, you don’t need that future, so don’t consider this when thinking about purchasing one. The battery performance of this long-range radio is great, and the design is probably the best one that you’ve seen yet. A very professional-looking gadget.   

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