This Lamborghini Centenario is a thing of beauty!

There are people who like to buy cars and actually take them for a drive around the block. On the other hand, there are those who are car collectors and just like enjoy owning something that looks stunning and is actually a state of the art technology. Either way, you are going to enjoy this car that we are showing you today. It’s Lamborghini Centenario and it’s looking amazing.

This is actually the first Lamborghini Centenario in the United States of America. It’s looking gorgeous and stunning. This is the first one that is going to come to the states and it has been unveiled by the dealer himself, which is Lamborghini Newport Beach located in Cali.

The Lambo Centenario is perfect for the collectors since there are only 40 in the world so far that have been sold. It’s pretty powerful since that V12 engine is now 760bhp, which is more than enough for you to reach over 60 miles per hour speed under three seconds. That is astonishing. The max speed on this thing is around 217 miles per hour, so you better be careful, this car can go as fast as some formula cars.

If you plan to buy it, you are going to need to save up 1.7 million pounds. Yeah, it’s not cheap at all, but some people think that he is worth every penny since there is a lot of great cutting edge tech here – it debuted four-wheel steering in Lambo cars, and this one has plenty of carbon.

Considering the cost of this car, we would be really careful when taking this bad boy out for a drive since we don’t want anything to happen to it. On the other hand, when you spent that much money for a vehicle, you kind of need to show it off in the sun of Cali. We know you agree.

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