These Habits Can Actually Destroy Your Plumbing

We all have some bad habits that create havoc in our lives and that we should remove. Perhaps you simply bite your fingernails or you chew while you have your mouth open. There are always some bad things but we are talking about things that affect just us. When our habits affect our home, things have to be fixed faster.

According to, there are countless things that homeowners do and damage their plumbing systems without knowing that this is the case. With this in mind, make sure that you do not make the following common mistakes. This will help you to save money on utility bills and you will actually end up having to call the plumber less often.

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Abusing The Disposal System

Most people love the fact that it is convenient to wash all that is present on the dirty plates by simply throwing it down the drain. The problem is the garbage disposal is not actually a trash can. It was not built to be able to deal with all the scraps most people throw.

As a very simple example, some people believe that there is no problem to pour some hot grease right down a kitchen sink when hot water is run. As a result, the same belief appears when referring to the disposal system. Unfortunately, this is incorrect.

The fat that you add will form a thick layer inside the disposal. After some time, a clog will appear.

Besides hot grease, make sure that you do not throw fibrous foods, coffee grounds, pasta, and rice down the sink.


Using The Toilet As A Place To Throw Trash

The toilet paper is not a trash can. In fact, we can say that the plumbing system as a whole should never be treated as a way to throw trash. For most homeowners, it is very convenient to toss kitty litter, feminine hygiene products, wipes, and other items right down the toilet when regular use is over.

Remember that even if a product says flushable, it is not actually that. All of these problems can turn out to be a problem for the plumbing system. As an example, toilet paper does dissolve in water. Numerous other products do not. In order to be safe and avoid clogs, you have to be sure that you use the small trash can in the bathroom for what you have to throw away. Your toilet should only be used to get rid of items that are fully biodegradable.

Overusing Drain Cleaner

We all use drain cleaner from time to time. It is very easy to use and quick in removing pipe clogs. The problem is that quick and easy is not necessarily the best possible method to clean. What many do not know is that drain cleaners oftentimes use very powerful chemicals in order to remove the clogs. Chemicals initially do not cause a lot of damage when used once every some years. However, when you use the drain cleaning products very often, they actually eat the pipes. After some time passes, the damage makes pipes vulnerable to the appearance of cracks.

Another thing that you should know is that it is a good idea to first use manual methods before the drain cleaner, as the plunger. When you need to use something that is more powerful, consider the drain cleaners that are biological. They are better because they use bacteria and enzymes in order to dissolve clogs as opposed to strong chemicals. These do not harm pipes and are so much better for the environment and your pipes.

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Not Being Careful With Hair Going Down The Drain

Most people are used to not being careful when it comes to hair going down the sink or the drain when showering. The problem is that hair can easily stick to soap deposits. This leads to very common clogs because the mixture easily clings to the pipe’s sides. Thick fibres will oftentimes create really large clogs.

A very simple thing to do is to just change where you are shaving and to comb the hair before taking a shower. However, taking a better approach, like using drain baskets in the bathroom sink and the shower drain is more effective. This would catch hair before it can possibly cause problems.

Not Taking Minor Leaks Seriously

There are many different reasons why a leak can happen. Sometimes it is just bad luck but it can also be due to a bad habit that you have. Regardless of the reason, it is really important that you quickly take care of the leak. You need to repair it as soon as possible.

We are used to ignoring an occasional drip, especially when it comes from the bathroom sink. This is dismissed because the amount of water lost is not so much. The problem is that leaks will not just lead to higher water bills. Plumbing leaks of any kind can lead to serious pipe damage in the future. In some situations, the pipe can actually burst because of a leak.

Whenever you notice a leak, it is very important that you solve it as soon as you can. This will save you some dollars and you avoid the unwanted situation in which you have to deal with costlier repairs.

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As you can easily notice, there are some very simple habits that can lead to big plumbing problems in the future. It is so easy to end up doing them without even realizing it. This is why you always need to be knowledgeable.

The best thing you can do is to talk to a problem whenever you notice there is a problem with your water supply or your waste disposal system. You will thus get all the answers that you need. Alternatively, you can read all about plumbing systems, mistakes you make, and more on the internet. Just make sure that you only trust the advice that is offered by plumbers that have a lot of experience so you are confident that advice is good.

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