The Stand Episode 2: How Larry Underwood Enters Stephen King’s Tale

In a significant resolution that has became a degree of debate even earlier than the restricted sequence’ December 17 launch, Cavell and fellow govt producer Josh Boone selected to play with the construction of King’s narrative, exhibiting our protagonists already constructing their neighborhood within the Boulder Free Zone earlier than flashing again to disclose how they acquired there.

“I know it feels to everybody like a big choice, and obviously it is,” says Cavell when Den of Geek speaks with him through telephone. “But it just felt very clear to me, and to us from the beginning, that we didn’t want to make people sit through three episodes of the world dying before we got to the meat of our story. I mean, look, those first 300 pages of the book are wonderful, and I certainly remember them from the first time I read the book, but it’s also not exactly what the book is about.”

What The Stand is about, Cavell continues, is what comes after Captain Trips clears out the world, which is “this elemental struggle for the soul of what’s left,” he explains. “And these questions about how you go about rebuilding, and what constitutes a human society. If you had a chance to press the reset button on humanity, would you build it back the same way?”

Cavell provides, “These incredibly fundamental and fascinating questions about the basis of authority, the basis of government, what society owes the individual, what the individual owes to society, what individuals owe to each other — to me, to us, that feels like the meat of The Stand. So it felt like the honest place to start was after (the plague), and then we can flash back, and see bits and pieces of how people got to where they are.”

In the case of Larry Underwood, we do get to see how he spends a few of his time in a principally empty New York City after the superflu wipes out many of the Big Apple, and we’re launched to a personality we by no means acquired to satisfy within the 1994 miniseries primarily based on the e-book: former socialite Rita Blakemoor.

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