The Outer Worlds: Companions Will Judge You, Help You, and also Troll You

When it was introduced that The Outer Worlds would certainly allow you put together a team of friends, couple of individuals understood specifically what to make from that info. After all, the prominent story bordering The Outer Worlds worried its condition as the spiritual follow up to Fallout: New Vegas. While there were friends in Fallout: New Vegas, their duties were rather…restricted. They mainly worked as an added weapon throughout fight and also supplied a little taste once in a while.

According to The Outer Worlds elderly developer Brian Heins, friends in The Outer Worlds are meant to be far more than that.

“Each companion has their own things that they are personally good at,” Heins states. “So you might have a companion who’s really good at lock picking, and if you aren’t, but you have that companion with you, they contribute their skills towards yours so you can now pick certain locks that you wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise.”

We saw glances of this unified friend ability system in New Vegas, yet The Outer Worlds goes a lot additional with the suggestion than that video game ever before did. Heins also contrasts the abilities of specific friends to furnishing an especially excellent tool.

Most notably, each of your friends in the video game flaunts an unique character that might or might not mix well with your very own or with the individualities of your various other friends. That suggestion of contrarian friends that flaunt their very own sights really feels a lot closer to the systems we saw in video games like Mass Effect and also Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Honestly, the manner in which BioWare (and also Obsidian, when it comes to KOTOR 2) dealt with friends in those video games does seem like a large motivation for exactly how they are dealt with in The Outer Worlds. Just as in those video games, as an example, each friend has a tale simply waiting to be discovered. During my very own playthrough of the video game, I also had a buddy leave me after specific (totally optional) occasions took place that progressed their very own tale also. 

Even much better, your selection of friends in your away group will certainly influence exactly how the globe responds to you and also exactly how specific series play out.

“Each companion has their own point of view on factions in the game, the career paths they’re going on, etc.” Heins states. “If they’re with you when you’re talking to various NPCs they’ll interject and give you their opinion in conversations.”

As anybody that loved HK-47 in KOTOR recognizes, occasionally the very best friends are ones that will certainly examine you, tease you, and even obtain you in difficulty. It ends up that The Outer Worlds includes friends that offer a comparable function. Sometimes, your friends will certainly also utilize their abilities to straight-up giant you.

“So, you might have a companion who’s a really great liar, which is always fun when you’re having a conversation with them,” Heins states. “It’s like, ‘Are you just lying to me right now? I can’t tell.’”

While friends having a little enjoyable with you in an exclusive discussion is something, there are likewise times when the mindset of your friends can bring about some…unexpected repercussions if you’re not mindful. 

“One of my favorite companions in the game is a guy named Felix,” Heins states. “He’s almost like your hype man. So if you have him with you in your party, he may get excited and start egging on your enemies, trying to edge things towards a fight. It’s like ‘Whoa, Felix, calm down. Let’s talk our way through here without just getting in a fight.’”

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