The history of tarot cards

tarot cards
The art of tarot is about laying cards and interpreting the results. This art has been in existence for a long time now and has been used by many to get insights into their future and get answers to their questions. There are numerous readers who offer their services on phone, in person and over the email. You can also opt for do-it-yourself website where you pick the card and interpret the results by yourself. You might think that tarot is simply about placing cards and interpreting the same, but there is so much more to it.


Many think that tarot cards have been recently introduced in the world but you are wrong. The cards have a history that dates back to many years and there are many things you didn’t know about them.


  1. The playing cards were initially introduced in Europe by Islamic soldiers
  2. Many people believe that playing cards were introduced in Europe by the Europeans but this is not the fact. The cards are not from Europe and were introduced by Islamic soldiers who had been invading Spain and Italy during that period. The soldiers had a game called Mamluk cards that has distinctive cards with intricate designs and gold leaf. These are the same tarot cards that you see today. The cards are very popular in Europe and have four suits, and 14 cards per suit. It is a popular game in Europe.

  3. Tarot cards were an Italian game originally
  4. Not many know that the Mamluk cards gained popularity and evolved into card games. It then evolved into today’s tarot deck. Many believe that tarot emerged from a storytelling game which was played by the noble families in Italy. These cards were used for games by the Italians and the old Mamluk cards were used for a game named cards of triumph. These cards had designs of figures and symbols that were used in a card game bridge and they were laid out at random which was followed by the player picking a card. The player then had to make a poem on the symbol which was on the card. The original form of tarot was a game and was not based on finding answers to your questions. If you want to know more about the cards, is an ideal place for the same. You will be able to know a lot of things you had never heard about the cards in the past.

  5. Mystical significance was given to the cards by the French occultists
  6. Some French occultists had an idea that the design of tarot was based on the Egyptian religious texts. According to him, the tarot was brought into Europe by the gypsies from Egypt and the symbols on the cards were Egyptian arcana. This cannot be considered to be true in every extent. There are mainly two decks in tarot, one is the Major Arcana and the other one is Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana has the pictures and figures that are very famous and the Minor Arcana is like a modern playing card which is complete with suits. People have developed different versions and designs of the cards.

  7. Famous designs exist even today
  8. There are famous tarot card designs that exist even today and will immediately pop up in your head when somebody says tarot. The reason behind the same is the mass production of the designs and their availability across the globe. Some famous designs include Rider Waite deck and Tarot de Marseille which is a common design for decks in the world.


It is indeed complex to trace the path of the tarot cards right from the time they were first introduced. However, it is also a reminder that the past is more complex than you think of it to be. People believe that tarot has been recently discovered and has only gained popularity over a period of time but this is not true. Tarot cards have been in existence for a long time now and have been used by many.


The cards which were once considered as playing cards have gained a significant importance in our lives and can help find the right path in terms of career, personal relationships, health and professional development. It gives insights and a new perspective to life which changes the way we approach different aspects of life.

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