The Flash TV Episode We Almost Saw

“We thought we were hitting our stride there,” Bilson remembers. “From The Trickster on, it seemed like ‘Okay. Now we know what we can do here. We can do Mirror Master. We can do all this stuff,’ and then we were going to come back with a two-hour [season two premiere] with the three big villains in a team-up…It was going to be Captain Cold, The Trickster, and the Mirror Master.”

The variations of Captain Cold and Mirror Master weren’t fairly as trustworthy to their comics counterparts as Hamill’s Trickster had been, however they had been nonetheless recognizable threats from the comics. The Captain Cold of this present wasn’t Leonard Snart however Leonard Wynters, an albino hitman with an atomic freeze ray. Mirror Master was performed by David Cassidy, and his specialty was holograms. Despite the tweaks for the present, the impact was the identical, and TV’s authentic Flash was constructing a rogues gallery of his personal.

As followers of each Flash comics and the present TV sequence know, the one factor the rogues of Central City take pleasure in greater than making Barry’s life depressing is doing it in a giant group. And lengthy earlier than superhero (or villain) team-ups turned an important a part of this sort of storytelling technique on display, The Flash would have gone for it in 1991, bringing its interpretations of those villains collectively for a two hour tv occasion, just like how the present premiered with a two hour origin story for Barry.

Unfortunately, they by no means received additional than the fundamental thought, as no script or define was written.

“We finished shooting the last episode, and I think either we found out we were canceled while we were shooting or it was shortly after that, maybe shortly after that,” Bilson says. “So there was no starting down the path for next season…But we had a plan, an intention, and we just never got to do it…We never wrote it. We never broke the story. We just knew that’s what we wanted to do.”

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