It is just weird that when you options of a variety of mountain bikes with special gear that helps to go up and down of the hill with ease and speed, people are nuts to own a single speed bike. Well, I am also with them. You will not believe the feeling of the adventure and fun you will enjoy with this single speed mountain bike. It is a guarantee that you will not get this feeling with another bike. But as we know everything has advantage and disadvantage. This article is all about the disadvantages of single speed mountain bikes.

Single speed bike:
Why bother a single speed bike after having an option of bikes with numerous gear? Why face much hardship to go up the hill or down the hill without using gear?
Well, see yourself and get convinced that why people are going for single speed bike:

• This bike is simple and fashionable. You don’t have to use many kinds of gear. Just ride and pedal.
• You will ride a light bike if you own a single speed bike.
• There is no cheaper bike than this bike. But don’t get a misconception that cheap bike means good for nothing.
• The ride of this bike will be interesting and fun. Now you may say what is so fun about riding single speed bike? Take a ride yourself with a geared bike and a speed bike. You will feel the ride difference. With a geared bike you can ride easily in any track and hill. But with a single speed bike, you have to literally struggle to ride up and down the hill.
• Trust me once you will get used with a single speed bike, you will be the best mountain bike rider in your community.

Disadvantages of single speed mountain bike:
Yes, there is good and bad in everything in this world. So do the single speed bike has some disadvantages that may force you to think twice whether to use it or not.
• Ache:
Paddling uphill can cause a great ache in your knee and muscle. Because on a single speed bike there is no use of gear. So you have to use your leg and muscle to get up to the hill with the bike. The ache will heal but the knee pain is not curable.
• The absence of speed:
With a single speed bike, you cannot ride faster than other riders. If you try to speed, you may get out of trail with a spin. This is the weakest point of a single speed bike. Yes gradually you will learn the fast ride, but till then you have to tolerate the slow ride among all gear bike riders.
• Technical tracks:
Sometimes you will feel a need of a gear when you are on technical tracks. These tracks need a use of low gear.
• Not a flexible bike:
The drawback of this bike is that it is not flexible. The speed is fixed and there is no variation in the ride. This is best for exercise, but not good for regular bike riders.
• Not adjustable:
Yes, some riders are satisfied with the ride of single speed bike. They say they enjoy an excellent fun ride but maximum riders have complained about the adjustability. Because admit or not, this bike is very hard and challenging for new and non-experienced riders.
• It is up to rider experience:
If you want a bike for a regular ride than single speed bike is not for them. if you want to go for a challenging ride than this bike is perfect.
• Not for gear lovers:
If you depend on technology and gear than a single speed mountain bike is a big no for you. It will be hard for you to adjust with no gear in a ride.

A single speed mountain bike is durable and simple. You may find it a very common bike. But it is called a single speed bike for the simple design. This bike is only for paddle and ride. Other bikes have different kinds of speed and gears to give a different kind of speed while riding. But on a single speed bike, there is speed variation and gear changing option.

Anyway, single-speed mountain bikes can be exceptionally useful. For the best ride in the mountain, if it is possible everyone can put two type of bike in the garage – a multi-gear and single speed bike. This will help the bike ride easy and interesting. The disadvantages of single speed mountain bikes may cause a delay decision whether you will go for the single speed mountain bike or not. But most of the riders recommend single speed bike as a beginner. If you start your bike ride with a single speed bike than your bike ride with any other mountain bike will be easy for you. To enjoy an interesting ride, you can avoid the disadvantages and go with the advantage of the mountain bike. If you can adjust with the simple design and hard work in ride than you will be a champion in mountain bike riding. So people who want to enjoy a different experience in the bike ride in a hilly area, climbing or coming down from hill than try single speed mountain bike. If yes, be mentally and physically prepared to endure a tough time to paddle up or coming down form to the hill. Enjoy riding.

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