The Dance of the Death:a different Halloween


The month of October ends and we are all preparing our best costumes for the holiday that fills us with sweets, games, parties and many other night adventures. Of course, this is known as Halloween in the United States and many nearby countries are not celebrated in the same way in all populations. 

In fact, these hold other celebrations that do not necessarily occur within this time but in months where we expect other events, such as December and Christmas or Easter or carnivals at the beginning of the year.

The truth of it all is that Halloween isn’t the only big party that exists where people can dress up as monsters, wear masks, dance or order candy. Throughout the world there are various traditions which can be reviewed that will leave us astonished at more than one if we keep an eye on them and learn about the customs and meanings of them. 
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For example, if we venture into Verges within Girona, Spain, we can find in Easter times a tradition known as “The Dance of Death”, one that conceives the idea of two men and three children dancing to a rhythm of drums. 
Many of them are the ones who come to witness this holiday and look about the meaning of it. The truth is that, according to local means, this Dance represents the time of humans on the planet, one that is limited and therefore we must give greater meaning to life and facts that allow us to exist as we are. 

To present a darker atmosphere, we must add to the dancer’s torches that light up around them, denoting a creepy image for any foreigner who passes by or who wants to participate in this peculiar party.

Like this one, there are many other horror traditions throughout the world, some that make Halloween just a children’s game compared to what we can find in various regions of the world, leaving stunned anyone who goes to investigate.

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