The 7 Benefits of Motorized Standing Wheelchairs 

Traditional wheelchairs are meant for you to use them in a sitting position, but medical experts have stated recently that there might be more benefits when it comes to using standing wheelchairs.

Standing wheelchairs are exactly what they sound. They are meant for the person using them to be in a constant standing position. Prolonged sitting poses a lot of health risks and some of them include pressuring ulcers, skeletal deformities, and even weight gain.

The introduction of standing wheelchairs brings a lot of health benefits, and we are going to talk about them in this article.

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1. Helps With Circulation

Staying in one particular position all day causes our blood to stagnate, which ultimately prevents it from flowing into other areas of the body. By constantly changing positions, we allow our blood to circulate through every part of our body, thus improving our circulation. Standing wheelchairs do that exact thing as it requires you to stand up when using or stand down whenever not. This constant movement might sound minuscule, but it’s enough for your blood to start moving in around every part of your body.

2. Prevents Muscle Spasticity

One thing that can happen while constantly using a wheelchair is muscle spasticity. Muscle spasticity interferes with normal movement, speech, and gait. One way to avoid this condition is to be in a standing position, which motorized standing wheelchairs offer.

3. Improves Your Urinary Health

Wheelchair users can vouch for us on this one as it can be extremely difficult to urinate while in a sitting wheelchair. There is nothing wrong with sitting wheelchairs, but rather the secondary diseases that come as a result of sitting down. One such disease is a disease called Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). This disease can occur in any part of your urinary system – kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. One way to avoid this disease is to use a standing wheelchair, according to

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4. Improves Bowel Functions

In most cases, wheelchair users suffer from inadequate bowel performance that medical experts have stated the cause to be the constant sitting position. We can improve our bowel performance if by standing up or doing similar exercises. According to experts, standing wheelchairs offer users the same outcome when using these wheelchairs.

5. Pressure Ulcers

Yet another secondary disease, pressure ulcers are caused by prolonged sitting when too much pressure is applied to one part of the body. This disease can be easily avoided by standing and allowing blood to circulate through your body. As standing wheelchairs help with blood flow and circulation, this disease can be easily avoided by using such wheelchairs.

6. Help With Contractures

Contractures are yet another nuisance caused by continues sitting. Contractures occur from joint and muscle tension due to sitting for longer periods of time. And like most of the problems we’ve mentioned in our article, it can be avoided by simply standing up and reducing the level of tightness you feel in your muscles and joints.

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7. Improved Cognition

As standing wheelchairs improve blood circulation, a major psychological benefit to using them is the fact that it improves cognition. Standing wheelchairs improve cognitive abilities because standing helps you remember and concentrate better than sitting.

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