Thanos is farming on Wakanda and the weakest Game of Thrones concept but: The week’s worst fan theories

“Character X will kill the Night King” theories are a dime a dozen, and the concept Jaime would be the one to do the deed is hardly new. But there’s one thing so craven about this newest aggregation. It’s a group of tweets from followers blindly guessing or hoping that Jaime would be the Night Kingslayer with none narrative reasoning or proof behind them. Heck, one of many tweets this text rounds up as a legit fan concept comes from a Twitter account that is a bot that churns out fake Game of Thrones fan theories. I’m undecided that is the underside of the barrel relating to bare traffic-grabbing through fan concept regurgitation, however we’re shut.

And as for the Scorpion bit, one of many included tweets goes a little bit additional than the remaining. “Jaime will kill the Night King using the scorpion [and] Valyrian steel arrow which will be reforged from his sword by Gendry, but this time he will not kill the fire king, but kill the ice king,” the idea explains.

That scorpion did, for positive, get destroyed, and the dude who constructed it, Qyburn, is extraordinarily loyal to Cersei. Given that Jaime betrayed Cersei final season, it would not appear super-probable that Qyburn will construct Jaime a brand new one.

Anyway, Hot Pie goes to kill the Night King, so I do not know why y’all are losing your time.

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