Thanos despatched Captain Marvel again in time and did not kill Loki: The week’s craziest fan theories

The Daily Express continues to be simply terrible with regards to writing about fan theories, as this week it wrote up a brand-new article a few Reddit put up that may be a full 5 years outdated. It’s not particularly related proper now, however hey — possibly you may click on on it.

Anyway, the idea itself is definitely pretty properly argued, utilizing histories and dates from the A Song of Ice and Fire books that Game of Thrones is predicated on to determine a timeline that might probably place Varys as a grandson to Aerion “Brightflame” Targaryen, who was exiled to Lys, Varys’ birthplace. We know Aerion sired not less than one little one earlier than killing himself by consuming wildfire. The theorist bolsters the timeline with hypothesis that Varys shaves his head to cover the trademark Targaryen silver hair, that his castration was a part of a ritual that required royal blood, and that his title seems to be a bastardization of a conventional Targaryen title.

This is all enjoyable and attention-grabbing, however making Varys a secret Targaryen does nothing however complicate the story at this level. Again, your entire sequence was constructing as much as the reveal that Jon Snow is a secret Targaryen, and that twist has enormous implications for the plot going ahead. A reveal that Varys is one too would really feel like an afterthought, managing to have far much less of an affect whereas concurrently cheapening the Jon reveal.

Now, the theorist posited this well-argued idea 5 years in the past within the A Song of Ice and Fire subreddit. It was the correct place and the correct time for such a idea. It just isn’t, as The Daily Express claimed half a decade later, “Season 8 spoilers.”

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