Thank You Page: Some Tips And Ideas

You may be surprised, but so-called “thank you page,” the one users are redirected to after their purchase is completed, is one of those that receive the most attention. This is the last page in the customer journey that remains open for a while after you finish shopping. Thus, it encourages further interaction with the website and helps to raise brand awareness.

A good design of a thank you page can help to increase the conversion and sales rates. Weblium team, who has a huge experience in launching and redesigning websites, shared some tips on how to create a good thank you for your order page.

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Design that works for customer retention

Marketing continues after the purchase is made. It includes transaction and follow-up letters, special offers for loyal clients, and thank you page design belongs here as well. To make the latter work efficiently, you need to follow a couple of simple rules:

  • thank for the purchase, obviously;
  • briefly tell what they should expect from future cooperation;
  • add a call to action;
  • follow the brand style in copy and visual design;
  • display contacts or add a feedback form.

A thank you page design is not the primary tool to use for a conversion rate increase, and it is not the most effective one. Nevertheless, nuances like this are important for customer retention.

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5 thank you page ideas for your website

You can unleash your creativity and come up with something unique and stunning, or you can simply use one of the well-tried solutions.

1. Order details and contacts

This information is usually featured in a confirmation letter, but it is a good practice to duplicate the details on the page that appears after placing an order. A client will be able to check the correctness, and if necessary, discuss the details with a manager by using an order number.

2. Links to popular content

This version of page design helps to increase customer loyalty. It builds trust and creates the foundation for long-time cooperation. When working on attracting new customers, you shouldn’t forget about the existing ones. Think about featuring the following materials on the thank you page:

  • most popular blog posts;
  • infographics;
  • educational videos (but not promotional);
  • list of popular website blocks;
  • free online courses or ebooks.

3. Encouragement for sharing

A thank you page can be a perfect platform for referral marketing if you add social media buttons. People gladly share things they like, and 92% of people trust friends’ recommendations. You can also suggest to subscribe to your official accounts in social media or offer a discount in exchange for sharing a page. Very often, it is more effective than traditional advertising.

4. Client surveys

Always pay attention to numbers and customer feedback. Optimizing a sales funnel requires frequent split testing and data analysis – they can show which ad works better, which landing pages increase, etc. conversion. Meanwhile, customer feedback provides additional insights. You can provide a comment section or a survey form that can be accessed from the thank you page. Ask your customers:

  • Why have they chosen this exact product?
  • Did they follow Facebook ads to find it?
  • Is there anything in products/services they would like to change?
  • Is navigation clear and simple?
  • How can you improve the website for them?

5. Discounts, promos & special offers

In most cases, a purchase is an emotional process. Customers like to bargain – in particular, to get lower prices and better deals than the others. Moreover, the fear of missing out is a strong driving force that encourages us to buy things we don’t need very much at the moment. The value of a product increases if a customer believes that only a few are left in the stock. Offering something to an emotional client is more effective than to send an email with the same offer later.

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Bottom line

Thank you page is an important piece of a complicated marketing puzzle, though it is only one of the numerous pieces. Don’t overestimate its effect and don’t try to pack it with everything mentioned above. Start with setting the priorities: decide what you want to achieve with an updated design, whether you focus on client retention or attracting new customers, and how it all complies with your brand image.

If a thank you page is not the only thing that requires changes, create a website. Choose one of the templates developed specifically for your niche, optimized for SEO, and with efficient design of every page that comes in a kit.

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