Survivor Squad – Amazing action game


Survivor Squad is a strategic action game where you control a squad of up to four survivors and guide them through a highly random world in search of supplies to help you on your journey.

Retrieve supplies from every corner of every building, make your equipment, choose your skills and equipment while keeping your team alive by covering every corner and having fun. © placing in a group.

It’s a game that encourages quick thinking and fast play because you have to pay attention to all your teammates. If you leave someone behind you, there is a good chance they will fall on you and die. Move as a team and cover every corner.

Fight, survive! Tired of the daily routine of daily life? Do you want that indescribable thrill that all of you pumped? Survival Squad is for you!

You’ll be slumped on a realistic 3D desert island, with mountains, rivers, gas stations and houses galore, ensuring that repetition will not be over. never the same. This unprecedented survival simulation game allows a great freedom of play: parachute, launch a gun hunt, steal other players from their resources and watch the weak poor squirm and cry – here in Survival Squad your imagination is the only limit.

Join thousands of other players on your server and try to survive the other players on the island – after all, only one in 100 can leave the arena! Once you die, you are eliminated – it’s as simple as that. Simple, minimalist and cruel, this Battle Royale is not for sensitive souls.

No unfair mechanics, no draw. All players start with bare hands and must acquire weapons en route. All you can count on is your skill and your cold!

Now, get ready for the adventure of your life. Last just standing could be you!

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