Supernatural Season 15 Episode 18 Review: Despair

Jack no longer knows his place in the universe. Now denied his destiny of destroying himself to take out Chuck, he feels lost, and like he can’t redeem himself to Sam and Dean for accidentally killing Mary. Castiel, however, acting as a Dad-like figure, tells Jack that he didn’t need to redeem himself. Jack isn’t with them because he’s useful, it’s because they all truly care about him.

Something very special came about when Sam was helping to save all the Apocalypse Worlders before they could be blinked out of existence. Donna was there in person to help, even though she didn’t think she was in danger of being vanished since she belonged on this Earth. The same was true of Garth, Jody Mills and the girls off-screen. It says a lot about the quality of the company Sam and Dean keep. When they keep someone in their lives and bring someone into the fold, it tends to be because that is someone truly special. Jody and Donna especially had to step up to the plate as their normal law enforcement gigs as Sheriffs became so much more complicated with the knowledge of the supernatural threats out there. And yet here still fight the good fight, for the Winchesters and the world.

Of course things became so much more desperate when Donna disappeared right in front of Sam. That was the moment he realized it wasn’t just Apocalypse worlders and death-defiers who were getting axed. It was everyone. Images later in the episode of empty streets, an empty playground and eerie silence sent the message home that a world once bustling with life was now devoid of it. 

Donna was hard to lose. She was one of my absolute favorites, and a bright cheery spot in a dark world. Eileen disappearing mid-text, and Sam’s desperate communication with her until the end? Heartbreaking.

Dean was a man with a mission. Denied his chance at stopping God, he turned his sites on former-Reaper and current incarnation of Deah herself, Billie. He thought, quite accurately, that Billie was holding up on her promise to set things right in the universe. It fit her M. O. and frankly she’s been teasing this outcome for a while. Billie, as cool as she may look in her leather jacket and wicked scythe, is a stickler for the rules. Sam and Dean have broken the rules by just existenting. They’ve had enough Deus Ex Machina moments pulling them back from death, Hell and other atrocities, giving them more do-overs than a kid at recess. Dean’s continued existence especially irks her, so she is determined to end him once and for all.

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