Steps To Self Healing


Self healing is more important that you think and it is not as complicated as you think. It is a process of turning your energy into positive energy and emotions. The process involves switching the emotions within a few minutes only.


  • We are made of energy


Our body has the ability to heal itself just the way it can heal small cuts. If we use the energy inside our body to with one strong intention, we can change our lives in every possible manner. This includes physical, emotional, spiritual and mental healing.


  • Self healing is uncomplicated


As against common notion, self healing is not a complicated process. You can feel peace in your body within a few simple steps. All you have to do is channel the energy inside the body and use the emotions as well as thoughts to change the frequency. It will have an impact on the flow of your energy and will help you heal. Self healing is simply changing the frequency in the body as well as the flow of energy. It is as easy as making a shift from a bad news channel to a positive comedy show. Paida Lajin offers a number of lessons and tactics for self healing that can be practiced by you.


  • Steps to self healing


First and foremost, you need to sit in a comfortable position and became aware of your breathing. This can be done by changing your breathing patterns. You need to focus on the in and out of your breathing without changing it. Simply focus on it. Stop the flow of thoughts and only concentrate on the breathing.


Next, take your palms together and rub them for one minute. Feel the warmth and invite a smile as you rub your hands. You now need to hold your hands at a little distance from each other and notice the flow of energy between them. Remain aware about the energy and its flow so that you can tune into it. Paida Lajin Institute is the best place to learn the lessons about healing yourself in every manner right in the comfort of the home.


Finally, close your eyes and feel the energy that is moving up your arms and into your body. This will help you heal the stress or illness you might have noticed. If you feel like nothing is happening in the body, you need to rub the hands again. There is no particular way of doing this, just ensure it feels easiest and convenient to you. Keep going with this process and call the energy into different body parts. You need to notice how it reaches different spaces and makes you feel positive about the same.


You will feel energized even if you do this process for five minutes everyday. This is a basic process and you do not need to be a healer for the same. It is a self healing process which can be practiced at anytime and anywhere.


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