Star Wars Squadrons Ships: The Origin and Specs of Every Starfighter

Support Ships

New Republic: U-wing

It might come as a surprise to see a support class in starfighter battles, but the support vehicles in Star Wars: Squadrons “keep allies safe and stocked up.” Introduced in Rogue One, the U-wing can carry up to 10 people (two pilots and eight troops). It’s used to drop infantry into battle and to support them with heavy fire as needed.

For the purposes of space battles, it’s not the best dogfight vehicle: the U-Wing is relatively slow and clumsy. But it can carry heavy weapons or project jamming signals, the latter of which was demonstrated during the gameplay trailer. The U-wing might also allow players to repair damaged systems. Like the X-wing, the U-wing’s wings can fold away during atmospheric flight for increased stability. 

Star Wars TIE Reaper

Empire: TIE Reaper 

The Empire’s answer to the U-wing troop carrier is the TIE Reaper, capable of deploying elite troopers into battle. At least one Imperial Inquisitor, the Force-sensitive killers responsible for hunting down Jedi, used a TIE Reaper in the game Jedi: Fallen Order. These TIEs also appeared briefly in Rogue One, both on patrol around the Empire-affiliated Ring of Kafrene and in the battle over Scarif’s shield gate. The TIE Reaper has the same solar panel wings as the rest of the line, but shifts them into a canopy over the top of the ship, making it less maneuverable. 


Star Wars Y-wing

New Republic: Y-wing 

These slow and heavily-laden bombers are essential in warfare against capital ships and Imperial ground forces. Infamously wobbly and sluggish in the atmosphere, Y-wings are nevertheless decent fighters. They’ve been in use since the Clone Wars. Some of the vehicles flown by the Rebellion are so old they’ve been partially stripped for parts, leading to the open appearance of their nacelles. Heavy rotary cannons and a belly full of bombs means this ship can do a lot of damage if it gets close. They’ve been part of Rebellion fleets since the very beginning in A New Hope and the New Republic has continued to use them.

Star Wars TIE Bomber

Empire: TIE Bomber 

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