Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Referenced in Official Book

A brand-new publication called Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – The Visual Dictionary might make BiographyWare’s Knights of the Old Republic collection a main component of the brand-new Star Wars canon. 

The web page, which has actually been shared by means of different social networks resources in current days, manage the Sith Troopers seen in Rise of Skywalker. It appears that teams of these cannon fodders are split right into myriads each called after notorious Sith lords. Interestingly, among those myriads is called the “Revan Legion,” which is probably a referral to Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic.

While there’s an opportunity that the referral to Revan was simply a situation of Disney allowing the tradition editing and enhancing slide and also permitting a referral to a traditional Star Wars computer game slide via the splits, it seems like such points have actually been carefully kept track of in the past. In any kind of instance, this publication includes a few of the initial significant “official” referrals to KOTOR considering that the Star Wars canon was restarted adhering to Disney’s procurement of the residential property.

It needs to additionally be claimed that the very same web page in this publication that referrals Revan additionally states Darth Phobos and also Darth Desolous that were both included in the Force Unleashed computer game. Again, thinking this isn’t simply an additional saucy nod that snuck its means right into guide, it definitely does appear the tales of some significant Star Wars computer game are being revived right into the layer. 

Understandably, however, it’s that KOTOR referral that is capturing every person’s focus. Not just is KOTOR among one of the most cherished Star Wars adjustments ever before made in any kind of tool throughout the initial broadened world and also the brand-new canon, however Disney has actually hinted in the past that they might want greenlighting a Star Wars flick that occurs throughout the KOTOR age. References such as this only gas that supposition. 

In any kind of instance, it definitely appears that the Star Wars movies might take another look at the KOTOR age prior to BiographyWare or Obsidian ever before obtain an opportunity to do so. 

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