Stannis lives, Doctor Strange time-looped the MCU’s Phase Three, and extra: The week’s craziest fan theories

Remember how Doctor Strange defeated Dormammu by trapping the villainous entity in a time loop? Well, what this idea posits is that Doctor Strange is utilizing the identical tactic to beat Thanos, solely this time loop begins someplace round Doctor Strange, which means your complete Phase Three of the MCU has simply been one among many run-throughs.

“In the Age of Ultron, Banner says to Tony “this is a time loop…” which struck me as an odd assertion given the context,” the theorist wrote on Reddit, maybe trying too arduous for Easter eggs and placing an excessive amount of religion in them. This, they posit, is a touch in regards to the conclusion of a film that may come out 4 years later involving a magical mechanic from a hero who hadn’t made his MCU debut but.

The poster goes on, as you possibly can learn in any variety of articles aggregating the specious idea. They consider that Strange sees 14,000,604 loops till the heroes win somewhat than it being 1 out of 14,000,604 realities the place they win, regardless of what Strange says in Infinity War. They additionally posit that the loop wouldn’t finish with Strange’s demise, which is true, however in Doctor Strange that’s what triggered the loop to begin over, which means the ultimate scenes of Infinity War and Endgame shouldn’t have occurred.

They additionally write that Ant-Man’s time vortexes will by some means break the loop, and that the Infinity War was known as that due to the looping, near-infinite nature of the battle (somewhat than being named for, you realize, the Infinity Stones).

This idea is constructed on a shaky basis from the beginning, and it assumes that Marvel has been tricking audiences for half a decade for the sake of a twist that may undermine the narrative significance of most of their motion pictures. It’s already going to be a giant second to swallow when Endgame says “never mind” to all of the character deaths in Infinity War — to anticipate it to additionally successfully undo Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, and different Phase Three movies is insanity.

But, if you’d like extra proof for a debunking past an affordable understanding about how tales are advised and the way motion pictures are made, contemplate this: Time journey of some type might be part of Endgame. Leaked set pictures have proven that the surviving heroes will journey again to 2012 for The Avengers’ Battle of New York. That’s… earlier than Doctor Strange’s theorized time loop would’ve begun, in response to this idea.

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