Sony WF-1000XM3 Review: The Perfect Travel Companion

Truly, the most awful component concerning Sony’s noise-canceling earbuds is their name. As with the names Sony provides to the majority of its individual electronic devices, you could too be stating an identification number.

We like the firm’s sound items. We advised Sony’s over-ear noise-canceling containers, the WH1000XM3, as both our finest noise-canceling earphones as well as our finest cordless earphones. But face to face, I can not remember what they’re called. I claim, “Yes, we love the Sonys! You know … those ones.”

Same with the firm’s brand-new noise-canceling cordless earbuds, the WF-1000XM3. I intended to suggest them to every person I satisfied while I was evaluating them, however I could not bear in mind the design number.

No issue. The WF-1000XM3 audio superb, in shape safely as well as easily, as well as have some enjoyable, touch-based functions that make them very easy to utilize. And their energetic sound canceling is so reliable that it’s beginning to frighten my household. Last evening, I shut out an episode of Paw Patrol, after that got rid of a bud when I saw my young child’s lips relocating. She asked, “Mommy? Are you wearing the things you wear when you don’t want to hear us?”


If you’ve been trying to find a costs, pocket-size set of noise-canceling buds, I have actually located them for you.

Brass Tacks

The WF-1000XM3 can be found in an appealing, palm-size situation with a brassy flip-top cover. You obtain 7 sets of silicone earbud ideas in package, varying from soft to company. The tiniest soft ideas fit me flawlessly.

I’ve constantly thought about mobile applications that regulate earphones as excessive, however I located Sony’s to be helpful. The application’s control panel revealed the battery degrees for the left as well as ideal buds, the flexible audio control, as well as the equalizer. And it allows you toggle on functions like stopping the earphones when you take them off, or altering the features of the left or ideal side switches.

The Sonys have a devoted cpu to regulate the sound terminating that the firm calls the QN1e. It functions like any type of various other energetic NC system: by using 2 different microphones to catch ambient audios, after that developing upside down acoustic wave to terminate the sound out. However, it’s additionally one of the most reliable noise-canceling system that I’ve listened to. It can be a little unsafe if you’re a pedestrian relocating about in a globe filled with big, rapid points that are rather a whole lot larger than you are.

The Sony’s flexible audio control implies that the earphones can spot if you’re resting, strolling, running, or travelling, as well as they change your noise-canceling demands appropriately. If you stand or take a seat repetitively, in fast sequence, it thinks you’re in transportation setting as well as raises the sound canceling.

Unfortunately, I’m extremely uneasy, as well as I didn’t know that my frequent changes of posture make the earbuds think I’m commuting every 10 seconds. For example, I didn’t realize I was in full NC mode when I went out for a walk. It wasn’t until I noted the clouds of flying dust around me that I learned my highly skeptical dog and I were about 5 feet away from a roaring tractor-sized lawn mower in a nearby park.


It’s pretty easy to turn noise canceling off. Just tap the left bud lightly on its small touch panel, or hold it longer if you want to pause your music briefly and say hi to someone walking past. When you do that, the outside sounds get piped in, so you don’t have to take the buds out to speak if you don’t want to. The microphones are also pretty great at capturing ambient sound—I whirled around a few times in my living room, looking for a car, until I realized that they were picking up the sound of vehicles on the street outside, through an open window.

In the app, you can enable a feature that turns the buds off automatically when you take them out of your ears. Normally, you’d have to put them in the case to power them down.

One thing that’s missing: quick volume controls. They’re optimized for Google Assistant, so I suppose you could use voice controls to make them quieter and louder. But Google’s assistant is not the assistant I use, so I pulled out my phone to control the volume instead.

Turn the Beat Around

Including the battery re-ups you can get out of the charging case, Sony promises up to 24 hours of listening time. I really did not get that far, but I’ve been using them for a few hours every day for a week, and I haven’t had to recharge the case yet. They fare well between trips to the case too. It took a four-hour span of straight listening to drain the left earbud’s battery to 50 percent. The right stayed at 70 percent.

The controls on each bud differ, and the left and right buds receive audio content from the source independently, instead of being connected left to right like many Bluetooth buds. This means that the battery life can fluctuate from bud to bud. On phone calls, I also sometimes got echoes, but these were brief and negligible.

The buds are part of Sony’s 1000 series, which is designed to be used for flights and travelling. There is a running setting on the adaptive sound controls, if you want to use them for working out, but they’re not technically water-resistant or sweat-proof. They’re also a little too bulky to feel comfortable exercising in them.

But most important, the buds sound amazing. You can fiddle around with the EQ in the app—I mostly switched between bass boost and speech settings, but I really did not need to. Most things sounded great without my interference. The swelling drums and complex choral arrangements of Beyoncé’s “Spirit” were rich and layered, as were the driving guitars and Scottish shouting of We Were Promised Jetpacks.

And crucially, I couldn’t hear myself making up nonsense lyrics to Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar We’re Goin Down” while walking my pet, which is pretty much all that I ask of any noise-canceling buds (passersby might have different preferences). I did end up using my regular workout buds instead of these for running. But for everything else, as well as particularly taking a trip, the WF-1000XM3 are an extremely strong option.

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