Somnox Review: Snuggling With a Robot Could Help You Fall Asleep

Let’s get this out of the way in which: I’m sleeping with a robotic. (No, not like that, you sicko.) I maintain it in my arms every night time and really feel its chest rise and fall in opposition to mine. Without arms to carry me again, it’s perpetually my little spoon. Without a voice to bid me candy desires, it merely sits there, purring in opposition to me.

The robotic with which I sleep known as the Somnox. The $600 gadget guarantees to assist its bedtime companions go to sleep extra rapidly, sleep extra deeply, and get up extra refreshed—all by merely cuddling. It is formed like an outsized butternut squash and lined in baby-soft cloth; contained inside is a motorized respiratory mechanism, which expands and contracts like a lung in miniature. Hold it in opposition to you and, with out a lot effort, your respiratory begins to synchronize with it. This slows down your coronary heart, which makes you’re feeling relaxed, which guides you gently and swiftly towards sleep.

The Somnox was created by 4 engineering college students within the Netherlands who, of their course of examine, had been left “personally exposed to the effects of sleep deprivation.”. They put the Somnox on Kickstarter in 2017, providing higher sleep in change for €100,000 (about $113,000) in crowdfunding. The web, determined to get up feeling extra rested, doubled their purpose inside a month.

Like different devices within the class of sleep tech, the Somnox calls consideration to the truth that we might all afford to enhance our sleep. It is not sufficient to easily pull up the covers, shut your eyes, and get up eight hours later. (If you suppose you’re sleeping simply tremendous by yourself, nicely, strap on a sleep tracker and suppose once more.) But in contrast to different items of sleep tech—headbands that futz along with your brainwaves, or mattresses that modify their temperature all through the night time—the Somnox provides its resolution with minimal intervention. You merely flip it on, maintain it in opposition to your chest, and snuggle it to sleep.

Sleeping with the Somnox is, little question, a calming expertise. It is designed to nestle into your physique like a new child lain in opposition to your chest. At 4 kilos, its weight calls to thoughts a small and tender animal who’s blissfully asleep in your care. I discovered that holding it stirred a maternal intuition inside me. But as a sleep support, it is exhausting to say how a lot the Somnox can actually do. For all of its candy and tiny breaths, I’m not satisfied it is serving to me sleep higher at night time.

Dream Machine

Setting up the Somnox takes not more than a minute. The robotic pairs with a companion app, which helps you to handle the respiratory preferences. Using elements like gender, age, and physique mass index, the app predicts a cushty respiratory tempo, after which lets you fine-tune till the tempo feels proper. You may also modify the length of respiratory, from 5 to 90 minutes every night time, and select from three settings—Nap, Sleep, and Relax—which barely fluctuate the cadence of breath.


Learning to breathe with the factor is a bit more difficult. In concept, your physique will start to synchronize with the Somnox by itself, mirroring the rise and fall of its pillowy chest. In apply, there’s an awkwardness to respiratory alongside an inanimate object. I spent the primary night time cuddling the Somnox and focusing intentionally on my breath, which led me right into a meditative state, however a wakeful one. I slipped into sleep solely after 45 minutes, when the Somnox had shut off.

The Somnox app additionally features a few auditory experiences. Soundscapes fluctuate from “calm” and “warm” to “cosmic” and “dreamy.” Each one creates a soothing setting, and the music performs so softly that it’s exhausting to inform at first whether or not it’s coming from the robotic or from your individual thoughts. You can modify these sounds to play from 5 to 90 minutes. These soundscapes are a minor enhancement, sprinkling a bit further dose of sleepiness. I discovered that, as soon as I adjusted to the robotic’s respiratory patterns, I hardly observed the sounds in any respect.

As the Somnox and I turned higher acquainted and I started to reflect its respiratory with much less effort, I did discover myself falling asleep sooner. But the Somnox, which I had set to close off after 45 minutes, did not assist me keep asleep. I generally woke in the midst of the night time to seek out it had rolled throughout my mattress, and I did not discover any discernible distinction in how rested I felt within the morning. During the day, once I generally held it on my lap and let its gently rising chest act as a stress reliever, I discovered that the Somnox had a relaxing, softening high quality. But at night time, after its respiratory had shut off, it did not appear to supply a lot to my sleep.

Sound Asleep

In the long run, the corporate plans to introduce new options to the little pillow. Each Somnox incorporates inside it an accelerometer, a CO2 sensor, and a speaker; you would think about it functioning like a sleep tracker, or an alarm that lightly shakes you awake. But Somnox isn’t there but. Right now, it’s extra of an grownup teddy bear.

That, together with the steep value, makes it obscure who precisely the Somnox is for. An informal sleep fanatic might get extra for much less with any variety of sleep devices, and it is exhausting to think about {that a} true insomniac could be served by a respiratory pillow. Somnox might maybe function an alternative to Paro, the robotic seal engineered to consolation sufferers in nursing properties and hospitals, which prices $5,000. By comparability, the $600 Somnox looks like a steal.

In the ever-crowded sleep tech area, the Somnox hasn’t fairly discovered its footing. The firm’s advertising and marketing supplies present a girl in pink pajamas, spooning the Somnox, going through away from her associate who sleeps beside her. She’s asleep, a dreamy smile on her lips. It’s exhausting to say if the Somnox helps her sleep higher, deeper, or longer. But the respiratory pillow is part of her bedtime routine, and that is an emotional attachment that I perceive.

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