Solomon in ‘Gummo’ ‘Memba Him?!

American star Jacob Reynolds is best understood for playing glue-huffing Solomon — that spends time and also huffs adhesive with the completely wicked young adult, Tummler played by Nick Sutton — in Harmony Korine‘s 1997 cult work of art, “Gummo.”

Other standout stars in the intriguing movie are Jacob Sewell as the sickly Bunny Boy, Daniel Martin as Jarrod … and also, naturally, Chloe Sevigny as the foxy Dot.

“Gummo” is just one of Harmony Korine’s amazing movies … his others consist of the 1995 New York City movie “Kids” and also the hot 2012 Florida movie, “Spring Breakers” and also the 2019 stoney flick, “The Beach Bum.”

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