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In order for search engines to “become interested” in a particular website and to distinguish it from a variety of similar resources, the site must be optimized in accordance with certain goals. In this way, you can make sure that your project occupies top places in search results and can be easily found by your target audience. Site optimization implies the analysis of many parameters, as well as its ranking by various search engines, which is impossible to achieve without special instruments. If you are looking for a handy tool that will help you keep track of your online project performance and will not cost a bomb, then you should consider testing out SeoQuake. The tool is packed with multiple features and free to use.

This is a world-famous extension used for SEO site analysis. It comes as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera browsers. With the help of the SeoQuake solution, it is possible to run an all-covering SEO audit, analyze internal and external links, and define potential error areas. The tool allows you to observe significant SEO indicators of any page without diving too deep into the technical side of the question.

Instrument Basics

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This tool is a browser add-on that allows you to instantly perform SEO analysis of your site. This extension is being constantly improved, so it requires periodic updates on your end to make it perform at the max speed. The plugin is easy to install and does not require any special knowledge to use. Let’s take a closer look at the basic feature set and information you can access when having SeoQuake up and running for your online project.

Any webmaster should have this tool in one’s set of SEO instruments. This plug-in efficiently and quickly analyzes the site, is multifunctional, and is extremely easy to use. This tool allows you to immediately view site parameters when surfing pages and searching in Google or Yahoo. In addition, enabling the Seobar option will allow you to see the parameters of any other site when you just go to it.

The plugin itself consists of multiple sub-plugins in its structure, so the main functionality of the solution can be selected based on your own preferences. SeoQuake has three options for displaying analysis results:

  1. SeoToolBar – results are included in a separate browser toolbar;
  2. SeoBar – results are included in a specially formed HTML block, the appearance of which is configured using CSS tables;
  3. Search result view – the display of analysis results directly on the pages of search engines.

As already mentioned, there are three main views of the instrument and its scan results. SeoBar is one of them. It is an additional panel located in the upper corner of the browser, where the main functions of the plugin are highlighted. The latter can be changed and customized based on your needs. With the provided tools, you can distribute and rearrange the results, create diagrams and reports on the analysis of a page or site.

Another convenient and popular option is the SeoToolBar control panel. It helps site owners get the information they need from any site. You can get the maximum amount of positive results from using the plugin. It is simple but very useful and full of important information. Having started to apply it in practice, you will get answers to long-standing questions and doubts.

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Service Capabilities

When having the app up and running, you will have 24/7 access to the following parameters:

  • Detailed analysis of search engine result pages (SERP) and export of results to a CSV file;
  • The ability to set the parameters of the search query yourself;
  • Full SEO audit of web pages, including checking for site compatibility with mobile devices;
  • Work with numerous predefined parameters or create your own;
  • Complete report on internal and external links;
  • Determining the density of keywords and setting up the stop word list;
  • Comparison by URL and domain;
  • Statistics from social networks, including Facebook and Google+.

Among the most popular service functions are the following ones:

  • Google PageRank;
  • Google Index Pages;
  • External links on Yahoo;
  • Links on Yahoo to the whole domain;
  • Bing Index Pages;
  • Alexa Rank;
  • Site archive by Webarchive;
  • Index Pages Delicious;
  • Whois link information;
  • Link to the source code of the page;
  • SEMRush rank;
  • Nofollow links.

When combined with some other SEO instruments, SeoQuake will help you understand the level of your site optimization and define the grey zones that you may use for its further promotion.

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Getting Started with the Tool

To analyze a site using this tool, you need to apply the Diagnosis item, and five different analyzed items appear. Let’s analyze each of them:

  • URL – indicates a link to the page (if checked, then it is approved by search engines);
  • Title – the name of the page (if checked, then it is approved by search engines);
  • Description – a short description of the page (to get approval from search engines, you need to have a text of 150 characters);
  • KW – keyword and phrases addressing content on the page and its function (130 characters for search engine approval);
  • Headings – multi-level headings posted on the page (for the approval of search engines: H1- no more than two words; H2- from 1 to 6 words; H3- from 1 to 6 words).

An important tip: not to block IP – turn off all search engine analyzers. Include them only when you need to analyze sites in the TOP. After installing, take some time, customize this instrument for yourself, select the main functions that you will use most often. By correctly defining the functions and tasks, the solution will work quickly, conveniently, with minimal waste of time.

Expert Verdict!

SeoQuake is a popular handy tool for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. With its help, you can easily raise the position of your site. By synchronizing the service with your online project, you will get access to numerous SEO parameters that will help you determine the impact of sites. Alexa Ranking, Page Rank, Google Index, Domain Authority, and organic traffic – all these will be a click away from you.

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