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With not much else to do but stay at home in 2020, Kylie Jenner brought us some of her sexiest bikini content yet on Instagram this year!

Kylie Jenner isn’t shy when it comes to posting sexy pictures on Instagram. This year, the coronavirus pandemic kept Kylie and other celebrities from taking their usual, various lavish vacations, but the makeup mogul still managed to make the most of her time spent closer to home. Of course, that meant plenty of Instagram content for the fans — and lots of sexy bikini pics from Kylie!

One of Kylie’s most recent bikini pictures was her most buzzed-about of the year. On Sept. 28, the 23-year-old rocked a strapless bikini and posed outside of massive mansion. The photo was meant to catch peoples’ attention — because the caption had a very important message ahead of the 2020 election. “Are you registered to vote?” she wrote. “Click the link in my bio…let’s make a plan to vote together.” After Kylie’s post, saw a 1,500% increase in traffic, so clearly, Kylie got her message across to many fans!

In early March, just before the coronavirus hit the United States, Kylie took a tropical vacation, and she had lots to share. Perhaps the sexiest photos, though, were of her in a Gucci bikini. In one shot, she smoldered for the camera while wearing the sexy two-piece, and in another, she shared a close-up of her body in the look. Gucci’s iconic logo was visible on the swimsuit, and Kylie looked like a total bombshell.

At the beginning of lockdown, in April, Kylie spent a significant amount of time at her mom, Kris Jenner’s, Palm Springs house. She posted a photo of herself hanging out by the pool in a two-piece. Kylie straddled the edge of the pool and dipped her feet into the water, while wearing sunglasses to combat the California sun. Of course, she posed just right for the camera!

Then, back at her California mansion in May, Kylie whipped out a lime green bikini for more sexy pics. This time, she sat on the edge of that pool, with her legs dipped into the stairs of the shallow end. Her swimsuit featured a sporty-style top for ultimate coverage, and Kylie was literally glowing in the sunlight for her photos.

During a July getaway to the desert, Kylie wore an orange bikini to take some sexy photos in the sand. She sat amidst the rocks and struck a number of seated poses in the swimsuit. Although the orange bathing suit was super simple, Kylie made it look very sexy by arching her back and putting her body front and center in the look.

Then, in August, Kylie rounded up some family members and some friends for a tropical getaway for her birthday. The group spent a lot of time in the sunshine, and stayed at quite the fancy villa. Kylie posed for a pic outside the luxurious mansion while wearing a hot pink bikini. The bottoms were held up by thin strings on each side, while the top tied loosely around her neck.

On the same trip, she took an outdoor shower in yet another bikini look. Kylie showered off while wearing a light pink ensemble, that featured much more support than her previous hot pink swimsuit. She slicked her hair back in the water, and the background of the pics featured palm trees, blue skies and a glimpse at the villa she was staying in.

Kylie even managed to incorporate bikinis into her everyday style away from the pool and sun. For one night out, she wore a white bikini top, which she paired with baggy sweatpants and a matching jacket. She also rocked a body chain to add some flair to the look, while wearing minimal makeup so that the outfit was the center of attention.

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