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Of all the Halloween-loving celebrities, Vanessa Hudgens may be the ultimate spooky-season queen. Every year, the actress goes all-out with her costumes!

Vanessa Hudgens, 31, proves year after year that she’s the queen of Halloween. The second October 1 hits, Vanessa is getting in the Halloween spirit, and she isn’t shy about showing it off on social media. Every year, the actress rocks a number of different looks throughout Halloween month, and we rounded up some of her best!

Vanessa Hudgens dresses as a sexy angel for Halloween. (SplashNews)

Being an angel or a devil is one of the most basic and classic Halloween costumes, but of course, Vanessa made her angel look super good. She paired the standard angel wings, halo and furry boots with a pair of white short shorts and fishnet stockings. She also carried a white purse with gold sequins, and her makeup was on-point to go with the outfit. Plus, her gorgeous, long, dark locks were cascading down her body in curls.

vanessa hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens dresses cozy to be a wolf on Halloween. (SplashNews)

Even when it comes to comfortable costumes, Vanessa knows how to make an outfit look good. One year ,she wore a onesie to dress as a wolf, but did a bold makeup look to add some glam to the ensemble. The one-piece pajama suit was complete with fur lining and a hood, and Vanessa wore bright red lipstick to add a pop of color to the dark costume.

vanesa hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens rocks an oversized t-shirt for one of her Halloween looks. (SplashNews)

Even when Vanessa isn’t in full costume, she loves getting into the Halloween spirit with her outfits. While hitting up Knott’s Scary Farm, she wore an oversized t-shirt as a dress, which she paired with red fishnets. She also wore black combat boots, and accessorized with a hat, glasses and chunky black choker.

Meanwhile, in honor of the 25th anniversary of Hocus Pocus in 2018, Vanessa co-hosted a special alongside Jordan Fisher. Vanessa dazzled in an extravagant and very spooky look for the occasion. The actress took the stage in a head-to-toe latex bodysuit with massive peacock wings. The feathers framed Vanessa’s body and she truly looked like the scariest angel. Check out more of Vanessa’s best Halloween looks by scrolling through the gallery above!

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