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Thanks to a wider display screen view that’s now the norm, a serious continuity error in ‘Friends’ has been noticed by followers. Actor Elliott Gould’s Jack Gellar’s stand-in appeared in a scene with Ross and Rachel.

For a quick second on Friends, Ross and Monica Gellar’s dad turned actually into a very totally different individual. Instead of legendary actor Elliott Gould, 82, some random man was there in his place with David Schwimmer‘s Ross even delivering a line to him. The error was caught and the video shared by several TikTok users from a scene in the episode “The One in Massapequa,” which was episode 18 of season eight in 2002. The six lead characters (and Phoebe’s overly optimistic, extremely annoying boyfriend on the time performed by Alec Baldwin) attend Ross and Monica Gellar’s mother and father Jack and Judy’s thirty fifth marriage ceremony anniversary celebration on Long Island.


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Ross and a really pregnant Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) are speaking to his mother and father when Judy, performed by actress Christina Pickles, drops the bomb that she informed their complete circle of friends on the celebration that the 2 had secretly married, slightly than take care of their son having a toddler out of wedlock with somebody who wasn’t even his girlfriend on the time. She then walked away, with Ross asking, “Dad, what? We have to pretend to be married?” to a person who’s clearly NOT Elliott.

Ross and Rachel communicate to a celebration visitor the place Ross’ dad Jack — performed by Elliot Gould — would usually be standing behind the pair. Instead it was Elliott’s stand-in that was observed by TikTok viewers. Photo credit score: NBC.

While about the identical age, the person is shorter and wears glasses. It seems, that was Elliott’s stand-in on the present, and utilized in that scene because it was simply Schwimmer delivering his line on-camera. Elliott later taped his sympathetic response, “Sorry son, I had to shave my ears for tonight,” which regarded seamless when Friends initially aired on NBC.

The Gellar household on ‘Friends’ that followers got here to know and love. Siblings Ross and Monica stand behind mother and father Jack and Judy. Photo credit score: Everett Collection.

“In all my Friends fan years how have I never noticed this guy before?” a TikTok person identified in a video exhibiting the thriller Jack Gellar. It seems that because of expertise, a wider model that by no means confirmed stand-ins earlier than is now the norm. According to Digital Spy, the reason is that: “Back in the golden age of the ’90s, shows were filmed in 4:3, which was standard for the time. Now with wider screens, 16:9 has become the norm, meaning viewers are seeing the wider angle of the show – and all the bits that shouldn’t have been spotted.”

It isn’t the primary time that the broader display screen 16:9 format uncovered greater than what viewers have been initially alleged to see. In 2015, followers noticed Jennifer’s stand-in showing simply behind Matt LeBlanc‘s Joey Tribbiani  in season nine episode 15’s “The One with the Mugging.” For a quick shot, a brunette lady who’s smiling face is unquestionably not Jen’s is seen standing the place the actress would seem subsequent. With a decade’s value of episodes, there must be loads of different enjoyable unintentional stand-in scenes on the market that viewers haven’t come throughout but.

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