Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 16 Review: Golden Opportunities

The problem is that at virtually no point in the episode do we ever see Nate express much resentment toward them. This was crucial to make this plot work.  For all the fanfare the episode makes about how great they are, Nate’s parents abandoned their child. They went around the world to help other people but couldn’t even help their own kid? That’s a major failing on their part and no amount of “it was a hard decision” cuts it.

Yet every part of this episode frames the decision of Nate’s parents as the right one. Them leaving THEIR CHILD is compared to how Nate wants to stay and help the Ranger team and not go with his parents. That’s a gigantic false equivalence. Nate, a teenager, is deciding to stay behind and save the world. His parents mostly abandoned a child. No matter how noble they make it out to be, it’s still wrong.

If the episode had given Nate some resentment this could have been an incredible story. It could have shown, as we saw with Ravi and Commander Shaw earlier in the season, that parents need to take responsibility for the negative impact they’ve had on their kids. It could have taken it even further than that Ravi plot and shown how abandonment can harm someone over a large span of time. ‘Golden Opportunities’ doesn’t do any of that and the entire ending scene is a total misfire.

Having Nate feel like he’s the one who was in the wrong is deeply disturbing. His parents never consider that maybe the child they brought into this world should be given more attention. It’s either do what they want or hardly see them. No middle ground.

Relationships like this exist in real life, with parents putting the burden on their children for their poor choices. If Beast Morphers were going to explore that I’d applaud them for it but the episode doesn’t do that. Nate’s conflict is about choosing between the parents he’s always desperately wanted attention from and his friends who genuinely care about him. That could have worked but you needed to be frank with what their traveling has done to Nate and how they were in the wrong for it. They can have excuses and I’m sure the work they’re doing is noble (although it sort of sounded like voluntourism) but they have to at least take responsibility for the damage they’ve caused to Nate or have Nate call them out on it. Nether is done and the episode as a whole suffers.

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