Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 12 Review: The Greater Good

The themes of wanting to work towards “the greater good” but having to sacrifice the bonds with your loved ones and the theme of being afraid your loved ones won’t accept you are both amazing. They’re rich and could provide a character arc for a whole season if played right. The problem is that they’re both confined to this episode and the story can’t decide which one Chaku is truly struggling with.

It seems as if it’s the fear of his daughter seeing his half machine form but then the end of the episode presents it as if he’s making the decision to be a dad again. Perhaps with more time these themes could have dovetailed together but as is it just feels confused and rushed.  He’s also given a very easy out thanks to Nate’s ability to take away his machine parts. I believe Nate could do this and there’s been enough set up before now to explain it away, it just feels like an easy way to wrap this plot up quickly. 

Why not have Chaku reveal his machine parts to his daughter, she accepts him, and he realizes how foolish he’s been avoiding her. Seeing a parent admit their mistakes to their kids would be great for children watching this. Same if the episode simply stuck with Chaku trying to decide between his duty and his family. It almost gets into this with Nate when he tells Chaku about his own parents but sadly it’s mostly dropped.

This is the biggest letdown of the episode because it almost made it so Nate got more development. As much as Chaku really stands out as one of the most interesting guest characters in recent Power Rangers history, this story really should be doing more to develop the main cast. Why does Nate simply accept Chaku’s statement that his parents really do miss him? Why not have Nate question this and then, thanks to Chaku’s final decision, start to realize how much his parents may have sacrificed by not being with him. Or he could simply get angrier at Chaku for abandoning his child the way Nate felt abandoned.

‘The Evox Snare’ got it so right by weaving in the appearance of Dr. K with Devon’s plot about trying to save his dad. That’s how a guest star should work in a regular episode; they should help tell a story about the main cast. Chaku is solid (except that whole being a cop thing) but he shouldn’t be hogging the spotlight from the Rangers. 

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