Polyester Filter Belts and also What They Are Used For

Industrial devices referred to as belt press filters are made use of in numerous markets and also water therapy for dividing fluids from solids and also can additionally be made use of for the manufacturing of cider, juice, and also in wine making. Since the filtering is mostly gotten by utilizing a system of rollers whereby a set of filtering system belts and also towels are passed, they are among the essential components of the device and also play a crucial roll in the whole procedure. As such, right here are some points to find out about them.

What Are They?

Polyester textile belts are circuit belt textiles that are particularly made for belt press filters. These mesh filter towels are woven with premium monofilaments (solitary hairs of synthetic fiber) and also are heat-set for security, minimal prolongation, constant running time, versatility, and also high mechanical stamina.

Since the woven filter belts identify the high quality of the filtering procedure and also the real outcome, they require to have an excellent weave framework and also be used unique threads to attain exceptional filter cake launch and also fast draining pipes. To have the ability to function continually, the belt’s ends require to be attached, with 3 link kinds to pick from – clipper joint, spiral ring, and also countless. You can examine this internet site to get more information regarding this.

Source: GKD


These filter textile towels are made use of in numerous markets for splitting up procedures of solids from fluids, specifically for the dewatering of sludges. For instance, they can be made use of for wastewater and also sewer therapy, the dewatering of slurry or sludge from community sewer plants, in the mining, chemical, and also mineral market, for journalism and also pressing of fruits, veggies, sugar plants, and also a lot more.

General Features

They are exceptionally long lasting, abrasion-resistant, supplying a lengthy life span. Most are additionally chemically-resistant and also heat-resistant, having the ability to stand up to the temperature level of as much as 150 levels. The smooth surface area relieves cake launch and also gives exceptional filtering outcomes.

Production Process

The manufacturing procedure consists of numerous actions, the initial being the examination and also screening of the raw product that additionally requires to abide by FDA and also EU food call laws. Warping a specific variety of threads follows, after which the weaving procedure starts. To boost thermal security and also guarantee reduced prolongation, warmth setup is used, and afterwards the sides are reduced utilizing warmth to make them level, right, and also company. Fixing the clipper joint or making the various other link kinds and also securing the sides with material adhesive is the last action prior to the filter belts are packaged in rolls and also position on either wood pallets or wood situations, or in poly-woven bags.

Source: GKD U.S.A.

What to Consider When Choosing

There are numerous aspects to take into consideration to select the ideal filter towel for your belt press filters. Depending on the market, select the appropriate product for your belt. Pick one that uses optimum air leaks in the structure, and also select the weave kind that ideal fits your requirements. Joint and also borders therapy are constantly the weakest components of the filter belt, so select the link kind thoroughly. Stainless steel clippers are best for many procedures to ensure that they could be the optimum option.


These filter belts are exceptionally functional and also be available in different patterns, permitting them to satisfy a substantial variety of needs from filtering system, dewatering, drying out, and also a lot more. Their high quality gives a considerable running time while supplying stamina and also security while doing so too, so ensure to constantly purchase from a maker that is expert and also dependable.

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