PlayStation 5 Games Reveal Event Reportedly Set for June

New Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier (formerly of Kotaku) claims that sources have informed him that Sony intends to host a PlayStation 5 virtual event next week.

The report (which is based on information coming from “people with direct knowledge of the matter”) alleges that the current plan is for Sony to host a virtual event on June 3. However, the sources in question have indicated that the exact time, date, and other specific details are subject to change.

As for what the virtual event will cover, Schreier only refers to it as a “PlayStation 5 game reveal event.” That would seem to indicate that it may be closer to the recent Xbox Series X stream which focused on indie and third-party titles set to appear on the next-gen console, but clearly, the details of this situation are still developing, and we’re not even sure if Sony has all the answers yet.

Speaking of which, it also sounds like this would only be the first of several such virtual events Sony will hold leading up to the release of the PlayStation 5. With just about every major gaming event being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic (and Sony deciding to skip E3 2020 before that event was also canceled), it was always likely that Sony was going to rely on such events to showcase the PlayStation 5 and its major games.

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