Peter Parker's 9/11 connection, Davos' closing stand, and the Cancerverse: The week's craziest fan theories

No matter what collection they’re into, followers are likely to have two traits in frequent: they’re extraordinarily inventive and never particularly affected person. Perhaps that is why there are such a lot of fan theories, as a result of followers can not help however attempt to predict what’ll occur in Avengers 4 or clarify away some obscure Game of Thrones thriller within the agonizing look ahead to the ultimate season.

Sometimes, these theories are right-on, however for each “R + L = J,” there are tons of of very, very unhealthy fan theories.

Each week, SYFY WIRE will round-up a few of the newest loopy fan theories which can be making the rounds on-line and clarify why they’re so absurd. This shouldn’t be a spot for believable fan theories — this can be a place for debunking. This is not to say that passionate followers ought to cease making fan theories; y’all ought to go nuts. But, possibly do not imagine each fan concept you learn.

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